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One-Week Summer Science Program

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Like Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Games, this course will illustrate what artificial intelligence and machine learning are, how they work, and where they can be used. This course, however, is designed for intermediate computer science students and will focus more heavily on coding. Like its intro counterpart, students will be coding and training AIs to autonomously beat games modeled from popular mobile apps. 
Students will learn how to implement a neural network, a machine learning technique inspired by neurons in the brain, to train their AIs. They will subsequently use genetic algorithms, an optimization technique inspired by biological evolution, to optimize the training process. All code will be written in Python. 
AP Computer Science or equivalent will be expected from students. Algebra II or equivalent will be expected from students. Instructor will provide access to supplementary materials prior to start date regarding specific math concepts. 
This course will transition between lectures and workshops. The intermediate course will not include a trip to MIT’s AI laboratory given time restrictions. To encourage further learning in coding and exploration in STEM, students will be able to take home all game files and stencil code.   



Date: July 13-17
Longwood Medical Area – Boston, MA

Chris Kim

Chris Kim will graduate from Brown University in May 2020 with a degree in Computer Science, having primarily focused on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Chris is currently the Chief Strategy Officer for Code for Tomorrow, a STEM program for teens which has performed to rave reviews. Upon graduation, Chris will join a strategic consultancy firm before matriculating into Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School. 

Student Comments

“Don’t be shy just because you’ve never coded before.”

“You’re here for your own personal development – gain that educational enrichment.”

“If you need help, ask as many questions as you need!”


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