One-Week Summer Day Program for Pre-High School Students

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We can all agree we’ve been stuck inside too long. No more! Get out there and get active in our newest Anatomy in Action class!  This program is designed specifically for students entering grades 6-8. Skip, run, stretch, leap while learning about how our bodies move and make the most of our day to day activities.

This program will engage students in a series of projects aimed at expanding their knowledge of the human body, improving their physical fitness, and exploring what makes us move.  Students will explore muscle groups, blood flow and conditioning. Get your blood flowing and endorphins rushing in this action packed program!

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NOTE: This one-week summer course is a day program only, and enrolled students are not eligible for residence on campus. Classes run from 9AM-3:30PM and extended day programs are available until 5PM at no additional charge.


July 19 – July 24, 2021
Dana Hall – Wellesley, MA

Students will utilize smart watches and other tracking devices to measure how their bodies respond to various exercises.  

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