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Anatomy & Physiology of Fitness

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Coming July 2020!

We know that getting our blood flowing and treating ourselves to a rush of endorphins is good for our bodies and minds. But what is REALLY going on in your body?
Exercise physiologists know so much about the human body that it’s their job to take athletes from GREAT to THE BEST.
In this program, you’ll learn about muscle groups, blood flow, conditioning, and how exactly exercise affects the body! We’ve done enough sitting at the computer. It’s time to get up and learn about your OWN body!

What is Anatomy & Physiology of Fitness?

Anatomy & Physiology of Fitness is an innovative remote program, that weaves together research, hands-on activities, and exercise! Led by a veteran Boston Leadership Institute instructor, this program will involve students in a series of projects aimed at expanding their knowledge of the human body, improving their physical fitness, and exploring what makes us move! Students will be given a unique opportunity learn and get active, without having to leave home!

Teacher Ken Bateman is helping a student in the Biomedical & Surgical Research three-week summer program

Ken Bateman

Mr. Bateman is currently a biology teacher at Wellesley High School – a top ranked high school in Massachusetts. He has taught at WPS since 2006. He graduated from Hamilton College and received his MS in biology and MEd from the University of Massachusetts. Mr. Bateman has extensive teaching experience. Before WPS, he taught at Lexington High School and the Hillsdale School. Additionally, he has lab work experience as a lab technician at two cancer research labs at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas. When not in the classroom or lab, Mr. Bateman can be found hiking or traveling.

Student Comments

‘My program was both extremely informative and exciting. I love that both the teacher and TA were fully dedicated to helping us develop a deep understanding of medicine without taking away our fun. I loved doing hands-on experiments and dissections, applying the practical/theoretical knowledge we learned.’

‘I really liked all the surgeries we were able to do and all of the research we did in class. The teacher was very active and engaged with the students. If anyone needed help you could go to him and he wouldn’t leave until you completely understood everything.’

‘I like the lectures and how informative and specific they were. Lectures about the heart, lungs, circulatory system, digestive system, nervous system and diseases. The teachers were kind and knowledgeable and helpful. Dissecting the hearts, lungs and pig fetus and such was a very fun experience. I really liked the MIT cancer research presentation.’

Students pose with teacher Jeff Robin in the Biomedical and Surgical Research three-week summer program

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