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Anatomy & Surgical Research

Three-Week Summer Medicine Program

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Applications are now open for Summer 2021!
If we can run live, we will. If we need to run remotely, we will. 

This program is perfect for students who are interested in expanding their understanding of anatomy. They will be learning about the anatomy of the human body more extensively than in our one-week program. They will learn about the different systems of the human body which may include nervous, skeletal, circulatory, muscular, digestive, lymphatic, and endocrine.

Students will learn surgical knot tying techniques. They will learn through case studies, hands-on dissections, field trips and classroom lectures. During the three weeks, students will conduct hands-on research and will present their research project to their peers.

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This is a competitive admissions summer research program designed for teens.

Students do an experiment in the Anatomy and Surgical Research three-week summer medical program

Field Trips

In past years, students attending the Anatomy & Surgical Research summer program have visited the Ether Dome where they toured the historical medical center, Russell Museum – Mass General Hospital where they saw modern medical and surgical technology in action, and the Women’s Simulation Center where they saw a mock-surgery.

Students will go to the critically-acclaimed Body Worlds and the Cycle of Life exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Science. The theme of the Body Worlds exhibitions changes every few years. They are the world’s most popular touring attraction, having been seen by 47 million people globally. This expansive 10,000 square foot exhibition has only two US stops before moving on to Canada and various European cities. Students will also be able to see the world-famous Museum of Science on their visit.

Students do an experiment in the Anatomy and Surgical Research three-week summer medical program
Students do an experiment in the Anatomy and Surgical Research three-week summer medical program
Student does an experiment in the Anatomy and Surgical Research three-week summer medical program

Joseph Oti-Nimoh

Joseph is currently a student at Texas Tech School of Medicine. He has assisted in teaching Clinically Oriented Anatomy, Biology of Cell and Tissues, and Major Organ Systems, and he has led clinical sessions in ultrasound reading and ER simulations. Before joining Texas Tech’s medical program, Joseph graduated from Texas Tech with a focus on Math, Chemistry, and Biology.

Anatomy & Surgical Research Group Photo
Students do an experiment in the Anatomy & Surgical Research three-week program

Student Comments

‘The ‘surgery’ was so creative and was an experience that I won’t get anywhere else. The field trips were so much fun! Memories I will cherish forever.’

‘The program and teacher was really good. The program went into depth quite a bit. I learned a lot during my 3 weeks. The teacher was really nice. She always included everyone and helped when someone did not understand.’

‘I loved the program and the teacher was AMAZING. I loved coming to camp everyday.’

‘I liked that the teacher was very enthusiastic. The program was fun and advanced.’

‘I liked how we got to do surgeries on animals. I really really liked our teacher. The sim field trip was really fun.’

Student Comments (Continued)

The program and teacher were both amazing. I’ve learned so much and I am so lucky to have had this experience. The trips and surgeries/dissections were everything I hoped for and more and having Megan as a teacher just made it that much better. Megan is one of the best people I’ve ever met, her bright personality and positive attitude filled the room with good vibes every single day.’

‘So much fun and one of my favorite things ever!’

Teacher was great, very exciting and knowledgeable.’

‘I greatly enjoyed the curriculum for this course. The Northeastern field trip was quite educational. Our teacher was highly qualified and she made sure to exude enthusiasm and interest in the subjects that she taught.’
Students study a skeleton in the Anatomy and Surgical Research three-week summer medical program

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