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One-Week Summer Medicine Program

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Students will be taken on a journey of discovery into the marvels of the awe inspiring human body. Our work together will include hands-on lab activities, and more. 

Students will learn about anatomy through hands-on use of: 

Models, Dissection, Experimentation, Exercise

This unit will cover heart anatomy and physiology, via examination of the heart, and a study of the impact of exercise on cardiovascular function. Students will learn the basics of CPR and will learn about heart healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices.

This one-week summer program is designed for teens interested in pre-med.


June 19th – 23rd , 2023 | Wellesley 

June 26th – June 30th, 2023 | Gann/Bentley, Waltham

July 17th – 21st, 2023 | Gann/Bentley, Waltham

July 31st – August 4th, 2023 | Gann/Bentley, Waltham

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Cardiovascular Health

This unit will cover heart anatomy and physiology, via examination of the heart, and a study of the impact of exercise on cardiovascular function. Students will learn the basics of CPR and will learn about heart healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices.


We will study brain structure and function and will examine parts of the brain. In addition, we’ll learn about concussions and second impact syndrome, as well as the impact of chemicals such as caffeine, THC, alcohol, cocaine, and nicotine on brain neurotransmitters.

Sports Medicine

Students explore the structure and function of the knee joint.  We will locate the ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL, and menisci. Students get to know a number of antagonistic muscle pairs as we delve into the science of fitness training and injury prevention. We will work with ATP to stimulate the contraction of muscle tissue in the lab.  Students use exercise equipment to identify the location of each muscle and experience it in action.

Anatomy petri dish 2
Anatomy photo brain
Anatomy banner with skull

Melissa Courtemanche

Melissa Courtemanche received her undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University.  She has seven years of teaching experience at two of the most premier private schools in the US: Miss Porter’s School and Buckingham, Brown, and Nichols.

Monique Coulson

Monique Coulson is a Consultant to Massachusetts Department of Education where she has helped revise the State High School Biology frameworks. She has also reviewed MCAS data and test items for statewide science tests. Monique has many years of experience teaching AP Biology and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biology.

Asher Ripp

Asher is currently pursuing an MD at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Emory University and conducted clinical research research on how to improve health outcomes as well as conducting surveys for Care Management Programs for children requiring complex care. He also wrote a paper on the impact of telehealth on follow-up attendance rates in Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics.

Nick Korsantia

Nick Korsantia (Session 1)

Nick is a guest lecturer at Northeastern University where he received his MS in Biology and Neuroscience. He received his BA in Biology, Psychology, & Cognitive Science from Case Western Reserve University.

Student Comments

‘I learned a lot and the dissections were very enjoyable and brought the subject to life. Overall a great camp and a great teacher.’

‘I really liked it! It was interesting and always informative. We weren’t just sitting in chairs and listening to a lecture; we were doing hands-on activities that were relevant to the topic. …a great teacher and accommodating to all learning styles!’

‘This was an amazing camp! I learned more than in this camp than in ½ of a school year. The camp helped me discover what I wanted to be when I grow up.’

‘I really enjoyed the program. The dissections were fascinating and the packets with lots of information and links made it easy to imbibe all of the information and then more if I wanted.’

Students pose with teeth models in the Anatomy one-week summer medical program

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