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One-Week Summer Program for Pre-High School Students

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Come learn ALL about the fascinating creatures who call oceans, rivers, and lakes their homes this summer!

From otters to trout, do you know which animals live in those rivers you pass all the time? And what is it like down there?! In this program, students may research and bring to life their own versions of these underwater habitats, exploring how animals coexist, where they thrive, and which species are the kings and queens of their surroundings. Just wait and see what river animals we’ll bring to the class!

And what about our little pond pals? From tadpoles to water birds, there’s a diverse array of animals to discover in these tranquil habitats. Each student may choose their own animal, become an expert, and develop a creative way to share its unqiue features with the class. 


August 5 – 9, 2024 | Olin/Wellesley, MA

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 And what everyone’s waiting for – the ocean. How do dolphins communicate?! How many animals are hiding out in coral reefs? Listen to dolphin whistles, whale sounds, and more using the endless array of resources at our fingertips. After this, students can bring nature’s masterpiece, the Great Coral Reef, to life! How many animals can you find down there?

This is the perfect summer program for the animal loving pre-high school students out there. Come take a deep dive with us!

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