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Architecture: modeling

One-Week Summer Engineering Program

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Thinking of a career in Architecture or just looking for a way to combine your interests in STEM with design work? Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to learn the basics, from conception to the mechanics. Students will learn the techniques involved in drafting design by hand using instrumentation before moving on to state-of-the-art computer renditions. Architecture schools require a comprehensive portfolio submission. Students will leave this program with an amazing project that could be added to their portfolio for architecture school admission. 

Taking advantage of the program’s location in Back Bay, students will explore the rich architectural landscape of Boston. They will venture out to see Boston’s amazing architectural heritage first-hand, exploring diverse architectural styles to use as inspiration for their own projects. Boston is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and students will see the best of American design from historic buildings in Beacon Hill and Back Bay to modern skyscrapers. Boston has it all! 

This one-week summer program is designed for teens interested in architecture & design.

This program is split into two sections: AutoCAD and Modeling. In the Modeling program, students learn about spatial relationships, scale, and aesthetics, laying the foundation for their modeling projects. They will begin with sketching floor plans and designs. Then, using scale modeling, students bring their ideas to life creating beautiful 3D models. Throughout the program, students build a portfolio showcasing their modeling projects, which becomes a valuable asset for those considering future studies or careers in architecture. Students are welcome sign up for one or take both!

Architecture: Modeling

July 15 - 19, 2024 | Boston Location

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Boston is your classroom!

‘I liked how much creative freedom we all had and how we got to go around the city and explore buildings.’
 – Summer ’23 Architecture Student
Back Bay Brownstones
Old South Church
MIT’s Simmons Hall
Boston Harbor
The State House
The Prudential Center
Fanueil Hall
Trinity Church

Instructor: Betzabe Valdes

Betzabe holds a Master in Design Studies (Critical Conservation) from Harvard University. She is a designer and researcher interested in the intersection of cultural evolution and urban planning. Her work has been published by independent publications from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s School of Architecture and Planning.

Student Comments - Summer 2023

‘I liked how much creative freedom we all had and how we got to go around the city and explore buildings.’

‘I liked how the program taught a variety of techniques in the class. There was hands-on work, drawing, exercises and building. The teacher also gave a good amount of time to finish projects.’ 

‘The program was incredibly fun and hands-on, getting to explore techniques and practice exciting models ranging from small to large buildings. The teacher was helpful and gave us a lot of creative freedom.’

‘This program really focused on using autoCAD and Illustrator software to design and plot houses and living spaces. We learned about how to draw 3 different views and diagrams. Betzabe was really helpful and patient with all of us throughout the week and I learned a lot from this. I liked using the software programs and designing things online.’ 

‘The program was a good experience for me as I am interested in architecture. I learned about the tools that modern architects use today. My teacher was extremely patient and helpful. Whenever I had questions, she always answered them clearly and patiently.’ 

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