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One-Week Summer Program for Pre-High School Students

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Going, going, gone!

It’s a smash hit. Sports statistics that is. Year after year, BLI sports statistics programs have sold out and earned rave reviews. Our new Baseball Statistics program focuses on America’s favorite game with a fan base so statistics happy, they bring score cards to games in order to calculate statistics in real time! What could be a more fascinating application of math in the height of the Summer than Baseball!

Baseball statistics has become even more advanced and crucial in recent years. Talent scouts use pitching, batting, and fielding statistics to decide who gets that college sports scholarship and who is selected in the MBA draft. Statistics determine who is going to bat against a left-handed pitcher. Statistics are used to make decisions on who is traded and who is cut from the line-up. Statistics improve the understanding and enjoyment of the game. Knowledge of statistics can also lead to huge demands for students down the line as it is key in research and business careers. A trip to a Red Sox game is being planned! Gear up to sharpen your statistics skills and enjoy America’s favorite game.



July 25th- 29th, 2022 | Lexington Christian Academy 

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Abigail Kojoian

Abigail is a graduate student at Tufts University, where she particularly enjoys studying applied mathematics. She attended Providence College in Rhode Island for her undergraduate degree where she majored in Mathematics with a minor in Classics. In addition to studying math, Abigail enjoys swimming, hiking, and playing her violin.

Student Comments

‘I enjoyed the program a lot. It provided an excellent intro into the sports statistics career/education.’

‘The teachers were all nice, understanding, and insightful as I learned a lot.’

‘I liked the instructor’s teaching a lot because it was very application based and actually taught me how to use the math/principles he taught in real life. Going to the game was super fun!’



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