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Getting to Bentley / Gann

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For classes and labs held at the Gann Academy, the address is 333 Forest Street in WalthamStudents will be dropped off at the front of the building. For classes and labs held at Bentley University, the address is 175 Forest Street in Waltham. Follow signs upon arrival. 

Drop-off begins at 8:30 am and ends at 9:00 am. Classes begin at 9:00 am, so we recommend arriving by 8:50. This is especially true when field trips are scheduled in the morning. If students miss the commuter train, the next train may not arrive for another 45 minutes to an hour. Even arriving 5 or 10 minutes past 9 on a field trip day can cause the student to miss the day’s field trip. 


Arrival and Departure Dates and Times
Residential students arrive the Sunday before their program begins and leave the Saturday after.  Some residential students do elect to arrive the first Monday or last Friday of their program due to scheduling conflicts or vacation plans or restricted choice of flights. Do not worry if your student is traveling on the less common days as typically a few students each session do arrive and depart then.

Dorm Drop-Off
Dorm drop off area is on Bentley University’s residential campus, 175 Forest Street Kresge Hall, Waltham, MA 02452. Parking is right across in the Miller parking lot.

Arrival by car
Parents who are arriving by car may drop off their students between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm on Sunday.  Most parents arrive around 4pm to give their students time to move into their rooms and receive a tour of Bentley University grounds before dinner. Parents who are picking up by car must pick up after 4:00 pm on Friday or before 10:00 on Saturday. Additional charges may apply for students staying until Saturday. 

Arrival by plane
The Boston Leadership Institute offers a ground transportation package for students flying in and out of Logan Airport. For residential students, our staff will meet your student at the airport and assemble small groups of students who will share a ride in a limousine driven a local transportation company to our program and we will also organize return limousine transportation for students following the program.  The ground transportation fee is $99 for this service which includes the round trip transit, which is less than a round-trip price for a cab fare. 
Restrictions and disclaimers apply:  the student must arrive and depart at specified hours from Logan Airport and the limousine company is a separate entirely unaffiliated with the Boston Leadership Institute with separate liability and insurance.  

**DO NOT book your student on an airline that considers them to be an “unaccompanied minor.” Airlines require “unaccompanied minors” to have an escort who will wait with them at the departure gate until the plane is in the air and they do not provide this service as part of the “unaccompanied minor” fee.  The Boston Leadership Institute does not have the staff to provide, nor does the ground transportation package cover, an escort to meet students at, or accompany students to, the gate and wait, potentially hours, until the plane is in the air. Airline policies concerning the age at which a child is considered an unaccompanied minor vary widely.  Most airlines require no escort for students who are 15 and over.  Policies for students 12-14, however, vary widely by airline with some requiring no chaperones and other charging as much as $150 one-way for this service.  Please check the policy of your airline in detail before booking.**

Students who purchased the ground transportation package must arrive at Logan Airport between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm on the Sunday before their programs. They will meet a BLI employee at the baggage claim area. Staff cannot meet students at the arrival/departure gate. Students cannot arrive later than 6pm on the Sunday prior to programs. Parents may allow students arriving before noon to await our staff member’s arrival at noon, but BLI cannot be responsible for the students’ care before noon.
Students will depart in groups and will be dropped off at the airport, and are responsible for independently getting to the departure gate. Further details will be forthcoming. 
Please keep in mind that Logan is a major airport and there is considerable distance from security check-points to some of the flight gates.  Moreover, our programs are around 35-45 minutes from the airport even with good traffic and no construction or weather delays. (Hence a 6am flight might mean leaving our program at 4am and waking at 3:30 am—the transportation company imposes a surcharge for early morning flights and we may be unable to arrange groups that early in the morning.)

Parents are always welcome to arrange cabs on their own for students arriving and departing at flight times for which the ground transportation package cannot be offered.

Public Transportation
From Boston: From Boston’s North Station, take the outbound Fitchburg/South Acton commuter rail line to either the Waverley or Waltham Center stations.

  • From the Waverley station, take the inbound 554 bus line to the Forest Street and Pigeon Lane stop in Waltham. Proceed on Forest St to the Gann Academy.
  • From the Waltham Center station, take the outbound 554 bus line to the Forest Street and Pigeon Lane stop in Waltham. Proceed on Forest St to the Gann Academy.
  • From points west: From the western suburbs, take the inbound Fitchburg/South Acton line to the Waltham Center or Waverley stations, and follow the 554 bus line directions listed above. 

The ground transportation fee can be paid for on our website here.