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Dormitories at Bentley feature suites designed for five students.  Each apartment has a mix of single and double bedrooms with a few triples and its own bathroom.  A central living room with a couch opens into a small dining area with table and chairs.  The refrigerator in the kitchenette is available to students for storing food.  The dorm last year contained a central lounge and laundry facilities.  Sweeping vista views from the hill on which our dorm was perched were visible from the interior.

Dorms and courtyard at Bentley University
Dining hall in the student activities center at Bentley University

Down the hill from the dorm is the cafeteria and student activity center.  Residential students have breakfast and dinner several days a week in the cafeteria.  Other days, they eat in the dorm or outside.  A typical breakfast in the cafeteria might feature hot options such as eggs and bacon or pancakes, an array of cold cereals, fruit, and yogurt.  The breakfast offered at the dorm typically includes an array of cold cereals, fruit, and additional featured items for that day such as: bagels, donuts, or pastries.  For dinner in the cafeteria (similar to lunch), students may make selections from a salad bar, pasta station, pizza stand, comfort food rack, stir-fry station, sandwich bar, and grill offering burgers and chicken. On nights where students eat at the dorm, featured items might be pizza, Chinese take-out, or a burrito bar.  All meals are included in the residential fee.  Students are responsible for snacks.

Residential students may choose to join the organized extended day activities held in the Student Center and in the area immediately outside described on the day student page.  Residential students have the freedom to opt out of the organized activity and head back to the dorm or engage in non-structured activities.  At the Bentley campus, one attractive destination open to residential students is the beautiful university library. Basketball courts are located on-campus across from the dorms.  Grassy green open space next to the dorms is perfect for sun-bathing or informal sports.  Residential students may also start their own volleyball games or picnic and barbeque near the sand volleyball courts.  An ATM machine and mailbox is available outside the student activity center.

Basketball courts next to Bentley University dorms
Exercise room in Bentley University gym

Many days, the counselors take interested students to the two-floor exercise area complete with a variety of exercise equipment and weights.  Floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic views of the playing fields and lower campus.  In past years, students have enjoyed the indoor swimming pool with lifeguard on duty.  Counselors have also organized sports on the expansive outdoor playing fields.

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