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Biomedical Research: Contagious Disease

Three-Week Summer Medicine Program

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Students seeking a career in medicine: Virology and Immunology are a key course in the pre-med curriculum. Now, you don’t have to wait until college to explore these areas!

Measles, smallpox, cholera, HIV, tuberculosis, malaria influenza, MRSA, Ebola – many of the most deadly contagious diseases are still not fully understood and impact the world population still today. During this three week course, we will explore the nature of many of these pathogens and discuss their transmission, prevention and treatment. Specific focus will be on HIV infection, influenza and cholera, but attention will also be given to additional viral, bacterial and parasitic infections.

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Laboratory investigations will explore basic microbiological techniques as well as demonstrate several of the diagnostic tools used in clinics and hospitals to confirm infection. The culmination of the course is an independent research project. Past projects have included the effect of turmeric on bacterial growth, the effect of homeopathic remedies and the effect of bacteriophages on preventing human bacterial infections.

This is a competitive admissions summer research program designed for teens.

Students do an experiment in the Biomedical Research: Contagious Disease three-week program

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Date: June 24th to July 12th
Longwood Medical – Boston, MA

Field Trips

In past years, students attending the Biomedical Research: Contagious Disease summer program have visited The Museum of Science where they learned in-depth about biology in the Hall of Human Life & The Broad Institute where they saw cutting-edge biotechnology.

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Sarah Sherman

Sarah has received a multitude of awards and scholarships, including the University of Florida’s Outstanding Scholar Award, the W.W Massey Presidential Scholarship from the University of Florida’s Dean’s office, and the Dean’s Preeminence Scholarship. Sarah has completed research on host-virus interactions and host-parasite coevolution, antibiotic resistance and phage-host protein interactions, toxic phage proteins, E. coli resistance, and much more. Sarah joined Boston Leadership Institute in 2018 as the TA for Biomedical Research: Contagious Disease and earned rave reviews from our students! She is currently a medical student at the University of Florida College of Medicine. She previously earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology from UF, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. 

Sarah Sherman Profile
Students do an experiment in the Biomedical Research: Contagious Disease three-week summer medical program

Student Comments

‘Jenn was a very knowledgeable and effective teacher and I looked forward to class everyday. I particularly enjoyed the field trips we had to the labs, since we had a hands-on experience and sneak-peak into work life!’

‘I absolutely loved my program I learned so much from Jenn.  Jenn is extremely knowledgeable and a great mentor. The labs were extremely unique and definitely a once in a lifetime experience! I will miss the program so much! Way cooler than school! The field trips were eye-opening and really made me realize how much I want to be a medical researcher.’

‘My program was amazing. I loved the balance of labs and classes. The information given was challenging yet engaging. The trips to the research labs were so inspirational! Jenn is kind, nurturing and caring.’

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