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Biomedical Research: Genetics & Clinical Trials

Three-Week Summer Medicine Programs

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In this three week program, students will be introduced to the recent advances in genetics, genetic testing and personal genome sequencing, and will be presented with some of the decisions and ethical challenges an individual may face regarding the use of this technology. Students will also learn about some of the likely benefits of personal genetics, such as gaining the ability to act on one’s genetic risks, tailoring medicines and interventions, and becoming more active and engaged healthcare consumers.

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This is a competitive admissions summer research program designed for teens.

Students do an experience in the Biomedical Research: Genetics and Clinical Trials three-week program

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Date: June 24th – July 12th
Longwood Medical – Boston, MA

Student does research in the Biomedical Research: Genetics and Clinical Trials three-week summer medical program

Students will learn about human evolution and what role our genes have played in our development as a species. They will learn about the FDA’s job in ensuring that the medicines that come to market are safe. In addition, students will read pivotal papers in biology and the new field of personalized medicine that have defined modern science, and will interpret and present their findings.

The lab component allows teens to do their own genetic testing: they will extract their own DNA, amplify it using PCR, and sequence it, allowing them to analyze mutations specific to them and their family and perhaps trace back part of their heritage. Lastly, students will use this background knowledge to read scientific papers and design and present their own clinical trials.

Field Trips

In past years, students attending the Biomedical Research: Genetics & Clinical Trials summer program have visited New England Biolabs where they used research tools such as REBASE, InBASE, and Polbase, The Broad Institute where they saw cutting-edge biotechnology, & The Harvard Museum where they examined the fossil, anatomical, and genetic evidence available there.

Vince Coljee teaches the Mars Mission three-week program

Vince Coljee, Ph.D.

Vince Coljee is a scientist with a diverse background spanning biophysics and chemistry to various sub-disciplines of biology and therapeutics. Vincent worked in the biotech industry developing a new concept in biotherapeutics, human recombinant polyclonal antibodies, based on a very old idea, transferring immunity of those who are immune, to those who require that immunity but in a more concentrated, consistent and effective manner. Vincent pioneered this novel technology at Symphogen A/S in Denmark from 2000 to 2005 and then expanded on the technology at Excelimmune, Inc., a company he founded and was the Chief Scientific officer of from 2006 to December 2012. He also serves as an NIH grant reviewer. Vincent in collaboration with Mara Prentiss at Harvard University in 1999, helped develop a biophysics program studying DNA and DNA-protein interactions. In 2005, Vincent became a visiting scholar at Harvard University and a Harvard staff member in the Physics Department.

Student Comments

Vince was great throughout the course and really opened my eyes into the world of genetic science and the practicality of science and being a scientist. It was always thrilling to see our results after gel electrophoresis.’

‘This program was absolutely incredible! I really enjoyed the entire lab experience and getting to work with our very own DNA. The program was always interesting, Dr. Coljee constantly kept us on our feet. I’ve honestly learned so much during this program and it was an outstanding experience. I’m really going to miss it!’

‘I had a really good time and experience doing this program. I got to experience what is done in labs like the process of DNA sequencing. My teacher definitely taught me a lot and not only told us what to do but had us think.’

Students do research in the Biomedical Research: Genetics and Clinical Trials three-week summer medical program

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