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**Best Summer Program for Pre-Med, 2020 – College Transitions**
**Best STEM Program for International Students, 2020 – SciTeens**
**Best Supplemental STEM Education, 2020: Massachusetts – Corporate Vision Small Business Award**

$1200 for five weeks

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The Biomedical and Surgical Research program brings anatomy to life through discussion and practice of surgical procedures. This program is perfect for teens looking for a pre-college medical program and for those thinking of pursuing pre-med, or are otherwise interested in careers as a physician, surgeon, MD, or working in an ER or hospital. We’re sending materials right to your home! Practice suturing and more with the guidance of an MD instructor!

Jeff Robin

Dr. Robin earned his Bachelors degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology before earning his MD from SUNY Upstate Medical School. After earning his Masters in Education, Jeff began teaching at top-ranked Wellesley High School. He is highly interested in how disease processes affect human physiology and how surgical procedures aim to correct these abnormal processes.

Jeff Robin teaches students about the human skeleton
Students pose with teacher Jeff Robin in the Biomedical and Surgical Research three-week summer program

Student Comments

‘My program was both extremely informative and exciting. I love that both the teacher and TA were fully dedicated to helping us develop a deep understanding of medicine without taking away our fun. I loved doing hands-on experiments and dissections, applying the practical/theoretical knowledge we learned.’

‘I really liked all the surgeries we were able to do and all of the research we did in class. The teacher was very active and engaged with the students. If anyone needed help you could go to him and he wouldn’t leave until you completely understood everything.’

‘I like the lectures and how informative and specific they were. Lectures about the heart, lungs, circulatory system, digestive system, nervous system and diseases. The teachers were kind and knowledgeable and helpful. Dissecting the hearts, lungs and pig fetus and such was a very fun experience. I really liked the MIT cancer research presentation.’

New Student Comments

“It was fascinating to be able to learn about different cancers and diseases while having hands-on experience with suturing. It was very beneficial to have medical students come to speak to us to allow us to ask questions to help us in the future with our journeys into medicine.”

“I liked how the program was structured and very interactive. From learning how to carry out different types of sutures to learning about General Surgery and GI tract diseases, and talking to actual med students who provided very in-depth and wise advice, wisdom, knowledge, and information. I would like to acknowledge both Dr. Robin, and Luc Eyasu for such a great experience and a wonderful, well-executed program.”

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