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One-Week Summer Science Program

BioSTEM Award, 2018, J&J • Top Summer Science Program, 2011-2019, NY Times/ • Top Robotics Program, 2017, RoboLoco • Best Medicine Program, 2018, ParentMap • Top Biomedical Engineering, •
Top 101 Summer Camps & Programs, • Top Biomedical Engineering, 2017,

This innovative program provides a blend of programming know-how and develops expertise in data analyses with medical and healthcare applications.

The program provides practical skills in creating variables, entering data, and running analyses in SAS. SAS programmers can command salaries upwards of $80,000 per year right out of college. SAS is the program of choice for research in clinical trials, in medical and healthcare settings, and increasingly in business and market research. Internships and summer jobs in these areas require SAS expertise. While courses in C++, Python, and HTML are widely available, SAS programs for teens are a rarity, giving graduates of this program a competitive advantage.

Turning to biostatistics, mathematics and statistics rank among the highest paying and most in-demand careers. Biostatisticians not only employ commonly used statistics such as regression and analyses of variance, but they also use an array of fascinating statistics such as survival statistics and Bayesian statistics. This is an exciting way of bringing statistics to life and exposing students to concepts to which they would otherwise not be exposed.

Date: June 29 – July 3
Dana Hall – Wellesley, MA

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