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Three-Week Summer Science Program

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Applications are now open for Summer 2021!
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The biotech industry provides both life-saving discoveries and lucrative career paths. Those who study biotech may work as pharmacists, running their own businesses and earning six-figure salaries, or become research scientists for pharma giants such as Sanofi Genzyme or Merck. In this three-week program, students will learn from Sue Piraino, a research scientist who was recruited by both Pfizer and Sanofi Genzyme. They will gain hands-on experience with gel electrophoresis, develop DNA chains, and much more.  

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Biotech & Pharma takes place at our Dana Hall campus in Wellesley, MA.

This is a competitive admissions summer research program designed for teens.

Drug discovery techniques that students will study range from testing of medicinal plants and herbs to use of cutting edge computational chemistry to examine new drug candidates using advanced computer technology. This program will follow the process of drug discovery from selection of targets to identification of a lead compound and onward through lead optimization and pre-clinical trials. Pre-college students will learn, through case studies and guest lectures, examples of how companies take a new drug from idea, to discovery, and then to clinical trial.  Students will learn basic principles of computational chemistry and use computer models to identify and test characteristics of new drug candidates. 

Field Trips

The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard where they learned about biological circuits and how the advanced CRISPER genome-editing & single-cell sequencing technology.

Lab Central, a prestigious biotech innovation hub in the heart of Cambridge.

Susan Piraino teaching students in the biotech and pharma program

Susan Piraino

Ms. Piraino was recruited by Sanofi Genzyme and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals as a research scientist after graduating with a Masters in Biology from Boston College. She possesses research and development experience in many therapeutic areas, including hemophilia, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s, renal fibrosis, oncology, hematopoiesis, and more. Her expertise also extends to molecular and cellular biology, specializing in gene therapy.

Student Comments

‘I entirely enjoyed the program. I have learned so much! It has given me a chance to find out about many things that I thought never existed. BioTech was a wonderful experience all thanks to one of the best teachers I’ve ever met, Mrs Piraino.’

‘I really liked the hands-on activities and the heavy content that we learned. I really liked Mrs. Piraino because she was someone who had a lot of knowledge and experience and genuinely cared for us and our growth.’

‘The program was amazing and very informative. The labs we did were things my school can’t afford and just doesn’t want to do and it just gave me so much lab experience. The environment wasn’t stressful and Mrs. Piraino was an amazing teacher.’

‘The program was great! I loved our teacher an she gave us really good insight into what the biotech industry actually looks like. She also gave us hands-on experience in molecular biology.’

Students pose for a photo in the BioTech and Pharma Research three-week summer science program

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