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Have you ever wondered what would happen if we had an outbreak of bubonic plague? Could this happen again in modern times? Why is Ebola so deadly? Should we be preparing for a Zika virus pandemic?

These questions and more will be answered when students navigate the exciting world of infectious diseases. Students will explore the diseases that have shaped the past and continue to shape the world of medicine today. They will simulate disease transmission and learn the history of epidemiology through hands-on lab work and concrete examples.

This one-week summer program is designed for teens interested in pre-med.


July 18-22
Gann/Bentley: Waltham, MA

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Students pose while wearing lab coats in the Biomedical and Surgical Research three-week summer program

Students will learn about the various kinds of infectious diseases that exist, the transmission and contamination process, as well as differentiating between viruses, pathogens, worms, and bacteria. They will observe how these diseases have evolved over the course of time in terms of severity, resistance to methods of eradication, and become familiar with different strains and species of these diseases. Students will acquire knowledge valuable not only in scientific fields such as medicine and epidemiology, but analyze the effect on public safety and health on a global scale.

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