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Student uses a virtual reality headset in the Big Data one-week program

Taught by: Maria Lazebnik, Professor at Bentley University

In today’s Information Age, data collection and analysis is more important than ever before. As a result, Big Data is a rapidly growing field effecting nearly every industry. It’s used by governments, healthcare providers, educators, retailers, manufacturers… nearly every business and organization you could imagine can benefit from Big Data. So what is Big Data? It’s a process that involves collecting massive amounts of data.
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Students on field trip to watch baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston, from Sports Statistics one-week program

Taught by: Nate Josephs, is currently a PhD student in Statistics at Boston University

Statistics can be an intimidating course. But, this statistics program is not like any statistics class that you will take in school. This program is specifically designed to show students how math is used in every day life from the exciting perspective of sports. Which teams are most likely to play in next year’s Super Bowl?  How has the three-point shot changed basketball?  Who is baseball’s most “clutch” hitter? Learn More

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