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Cardiology & internal medicine

Three-Week Summer Medicine Program 2024

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Want to save lives one person at a time? Looking for pre-med practice before college?

In this program, you’ll be presented with ill patients and be expected to diagnose the problem, outline a treatment plan, and provide a prognosis. Hands-on lab work will provide you with a look inside your “patients,” as will activities such as dissections, abdomen palpations, full patient workups, and much more. 

Some internists choose “subspecialties.” One of the most popular? Cardiology – the prevention, diagnosis, and management of cardiovascular diseases.

Learn how to perform triple bypass surgery, implant a pacemaker, or repair a defective heart valve in this groundbreaking program covers not only heart surgery, but an array of surgical and non-surgical interventions used in internal medicine. 


July 15 – August 2, 2024 | Boston

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Diagnose and treat pulmonary disorders and practice performing lung surgery. Gastroenterology also falls under the umbrella of internal medicine. Research and get you start treating digestive system diseases through noninvasive and surgical interventions such as appendectomies. Allergies and asthma, blood diseases, endocrine disorders, infectious disease and even sleep disorders all are a part of the fascinating world of internal medicine!

Instructor: Dr. Jesse Moreira

Dr. Jesse Moreira is a biomedical research scientist at Boston University School of Medicine working to understand the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in heart failure. Dr. Moreira grew up in Massachusetts, and has remained here for his academic training as well. He completed his Masters of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Human Physiology at Boston University, where his work encompassed broad topics in physiology including the integrated role of the brain, kidneys, and vasculature in the regulation of blood pressure, which he has published several peer-reviewed articles on as the lead author. He has always had a passion for teaching complex concepts in biology, and has experience teaching neuroscience, human anatomy, and cardiovascular and pulmonary physiology to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. When not in the lab studying heart disease, you can find him coaching soccer, going for runs, and reading a good book.  

Student Comments from Summer 2023

‘The program was incredible. I enjoyed the classroom arrangements, and the lab and the lectures were both incredibly informative and inclusive. I especially liked how we were often asked questions, given opportunities to suggest ideas and answers, and given a chance to learn the correct answer. It was incredibly educational and enriching.’

‘The program was very good. Although learning about newer things, Dr. Jesse made it easy to understand. I loved learning so much about cardiovascular pathophysiology and internal medicine, without the pressure of meeting certain learning objectives or preparing for tests.’

‘I liked how in-depth the program was and how much I learned. We were able to learn actual cardiology concepts. I also liked how interactive the program was, especially as Jesse was an excellent teacher. He made sure we understood all the concepts he taught and made class lighthearted and fun! I was really interested in the lectures and was also able to learn a lot!’

‘It was an amazing program where every lecture and lab were awesome. The dissections and quizzes kept me so invested that 3 hours felt like 15 minutes. Dr. Moreira was so enthusiastic that it got me excited and never let the energy stop.’

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Note: This page represents our best expectations for the program we will deliver, but is subject to change. We will update this page as new information becomes available.

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