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Cardiology & internal medicne

Three-Week Summer Science Program

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Want to save lives one person at a time?

In this program, you’ll be presented with ill patients and be expected to diagnose the problem, outline a treatment plan, and provide a prognosis. Hands-on lab work will provide you with a look inside your “patients,” as will activities such as dissections, abdomen palpations, full patient workups, and much more. 

Some internists choose “subspecialties.” One of the most popular? Cardiology – the prevention, diagnosis, and management of cardiovascular diseases.

Learn how to perform triple bypass surgery, implant a pacemaker, or repair a defective heart valve in this groundbreaking program covers not only heart surgery, but an array of surgical and non-surgical interventions used in internal medicine. 

**NEW** for 2022!


July 18th – August 5th | Longwood Medical Area

Diagnose and treat pulmonary disorders and practice performing lung surgery. Gastroenterology also falls under the umbrella of internal medicine. Research and get you start treating digestive system diseases through noninvasive and surgical interventions such as appendectomies. Allergies and asthma, blood diseases, endocrine disorders, infectious disease and even sleep disorders all are a part of the fascinating world of internal medicine!

Student Comments for Three-Week Medical Programs - Summer 2021

‘I really liked the presentations, and the gizmos were fun. I liked learning about the expansion of the universe, the doppler effect and really just everything!’

‘I loved the way that this program was run. Everything was explained very well and there were a lot of interesting ways that we applied our learning!’

‘The program was in depth, especially considering it only lasted 3 weeks. The teacher was very knowledgeable and was good at lecturing and keeping the material engaging.’ 

Students do an experiment in the Biomedical and Surgical Research three-week summer medicine program

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