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One-Week Summer Edge Program

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Chemistry can be among the most challenging requirements for college-bound students.  But these courses don’t have to be difficult!  Our one week intensive courses are designed to give students who are in, or entering high school, an edge in their chemistry courses.  The curriculum is designed to equip kids with crucial skills and strategies, helping them to avoid the pitfalls that so many run into.  The goal is to propel students to success. The programs have been tailored to focus on the topics that students often find most problematic.  Students will  establish a strong base.  These programs will bolster students’ inquiry and problem solving skills. 

Chemistry topics to be covered will include algebraic manipulation, dimensional analysis, identifying common sources of error, atomic structure, the design of periodic table, formula writing and naming compounds, and basic problem solving in chemistry.  Ideal for those taking Chemistry this fall or in upcoming years.

This one-week summer program is designed for teens interested in receiving tutoring as preparations for fall courses.

Students perform an experiment in the Chemistry Edge program


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Nick Parsons

Nick Parsons

Nick Parsons earned his Master of Education from Harvard University in Secondary Education. Before this, he earned his BA in Chemistry from the College of the Holy Cross. Nick developed the curriculum for the Advanced Honors Chemistry and AP Chemistry classes during his first teaching position. Additionally, he collected data to analyze student progression towards proficiency on the AP exams. Nick currently teaches at Cambridge Rindge and Latin, a top high school in Cambridge, MA.

Students do an experiment in the Chemistry Edge one-week summer edge program

Student Comments

‘I loved how fast paced and engaging Chemistry Edge was. The goal of taking this class was to prepare myself for an Honors level chemistry course, and the fast-paced learning combined with the teacher’s enthusiastic/informative teaching definitely helped me to accomplish that goal. He was a great teacher who clearly knew a lot about chemistry and was very enthusiastic while teaching. This made his teaching effective but he also made learning fun.”

‘I thought the program gave me a great base of chemistry and will be useful for future classes I take in chemistry.

‘The program will be very helpful for being ready and a step ahead in chemistry next year. The teacher is nice and planned lots of fun and interesting topics and labs.’

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