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Three-Week Summer Science Program 2024

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This program dives into green chemistry, a hot new area that is generating jobs for researchers in the industry as well as workers in the medical and health fields. Green chemists work on redesigning agricultural, industrial, and pharmaceutical products in order to reduce or eliminate the production of harmful and toxic byproducts. Green chemists also examine the effects of harmful chemicals on human and environmental health. Understandably, this is a booming area of job growth – a new, valuable field that is generating a wealth of employment opportunities.

Through guided lab activities and toxicology studies, teens will practice the process of developing an experiment, focusing on the importance of background research prior to developing an experimental design, how to incorporate effective controls, and the importance of demonstrating repeatable results.

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This is a competitive admissions summer research program designed for teens

July 1 – July 19, 2024 | Gann/Bentley

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Students have reviewed the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry, completed titration labs, presented in-depth research projects on Presidential Award Winning Green Chemistry projects. They have studied global energy production, engineering, and product development, transformed plastic into glass cleaner, generated heat using synthesized biodiesel, and explored biomimicry. For students interested in chemistry, environmental science, medicine, or human health, this is the ideal program. It was originally designed by Ann Lambert, who was a 2013-2014 Teacher-of-the-Year finalist in Massachusetts, one of only five teachers that year to receive the honor, and earned the Theodore William Richards Award for Excellence in Teaching Chemistry. 

Field Trips

Students have visited:

Beyond Benign: The hub of Green Chemistry. Beyond Benign was co-founded by Dr. John Warner, one of the fathers of Green Chemistry and co-author of the defining text on the subject. 

BURECS Lab at Boston University: A climate change laboratory working to increase passion for STEM education.

D-Lab at MIT: A research laboratory bringing technology to the developing world.

Koch Institute: An MIT institute bringing scientists and engineers together to advance cancer treatment.

Greentown Labs: A laboratory devoted to urgently transforming the consumption of energy while minimizing negative impact on the environment.

Student Comments from Summer 2022

‘I found that Ann was very informative and passionate about green chemistry. I learned a lot about how our industries output toxic chemicals as well as about companies making solutions. Labs were very engaging.’

‘In this program we studied real-world problems in the eyes of a chemist, balancing both academics and experimentation. Professor Ann Lambert provided great insight into the world of green chemistry and was supportive throughout the journey.’

‘Mrs. Lambert’s approach to green chemistry was extremely enjoyable. Having somebody come from the pharmaceutical industry explaining the new and green approach is a very good idea.’
‘We did so many experiments which is a really good way to get the information easily and fun. Mrs. Lambert was really nice, helpful and have enough knowledge to answer all our questions.’

Marilyn Weiss

Marilyn earned her MS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the top Materials Chemistry program in the country. While in grad school, Marilyn taught Analytical Chemistry and General Chemistry, and she also won the “Commended Teacher and Laboratory Instructor” award. Since graduating, Marilyn has taught AP Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and General Chemistry at top-performing high schools. Each year, her students earn a 4.5/5 average on their AP tests and consistently score between 760-800 on the SAT II.

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