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One-Week Summer Program for Pre-High School Students

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This program is for rising 6th-8th graders interested in diving into the exciting world of chemistry!  Chemistry Science Fair draws students in with a series of exciting hands-on labs. Specific labs will vary year to year and in accordance with the interests of the students. Some labs borrow from science fair projects utilized in recent competitions. Here are a few examples:  

-Chemistry of Art: Students examine the chemistry of colors, pigments, and dyes. 

-Forensic Chemistry: Students solve forensic mysteries by examining fibers and trace materials.


Students do an experiment in the Chemistry Research three-week summer program


July 31- August 4, 2023|Gann/Bentley, Waltham 

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Get a closer look at the different polymers which make up common objects that we come across every day. 

At this program there will be a chance to learn about different reactions can contribute to how food is made. 

Learn about which chemicals and materials are harmful to the environment versus those materials which can be reused.

Get a chance to learn various chemical reactions that you can do at home and use to impress your friends! Reactions include revealing invisible ink and using charcoal to purify water.  

Examining fibers and trace materials can lead to solving mysteries and getting a detailed look at what makes up the matter around us. 

At this program you will get the opportunity to conduct experiments like a real chemist!

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Students break away from hands-on research to engage in competitive activities, completing science bowl type questions and activities related to knowledge of chemistry.  Film clips of famous chemists inspire our budding scientists.  We also cover career paths in chemistry. 

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