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Clinical Psychology

One-Week Summer Science Program

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The Clinical Psychology one week program will touch upon the fascinating world of mental illness: origins, symptoms, and treatment. Students will gain understanding of the major forms of mental disorders such as: Autism, Schizophrenia, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression, Eating Disorders, and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity.

Students will also gain understanding of interventions and treatment options. Students may take a field trip to a psychiatric facility and to an academic lab to learn about recent psychiatric research.

This one-week summer program is designed for teens interested in psychology & psychiatry.

Students pose after doing research in Clinical Psychology three-week program


Session 1: July 19-23, 2021
Gann/Bentley – Waltham, MA

Session 2: July 26-30, 2021
Dana Hall – Wellesley, MA

Gregg Deehan Action

Gregg Deehan

Mr. Deehan is a teacher at Milton Academy and joined the history and social sciences department in 2015. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Science and his master’s degree from the Andover-Newton Theological School. Mr. Deehan has previously worked at McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA and the City on a Hill School in Boston, MA.

Student Comments

‘I loved this program! I think that is due to my strong interest with how the brain works. I like how everyone was able to engage in discussion and that we were able to watch really cool TED talks and movies/documentary. It was an overall great experience.’

‘I really liked the way the class was taught. It was really interesting and I felt really comfortable asking questions. I liked the combination of learning and mindfulness activities.’

‘My program was very informative and I learned a lot about mental disorders that I did not know before. Also, I like all the activities we did especially the art therapy.’

‘I enjoyed the structure of the clinical psychology class, having lecture periods along with interactive learning. I also enjoyed listening to the visitors’ stories and information.’

Students pose after doing research in Clinical Psychology Research three-week program

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