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Coding the matrix

One-Week Summer Science Program

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This is the hands-on introduction to coding, computer programming, and engineering that you’ve been looking for. Designed to be challenging enough for students with introductory coding skills but perfectly accessible for students with no coding background, Brown University graduate and program designer Chris Kim will guide students through this course. 

Students will build and program an LED cube using an Arduino platform. This “kinesthetic learning” method is perfect for experimentation. Students will learn by trial and error, building upon their newly acquired skills every day. Working with a tangible product is also beneficial when conceptualizing abstract computer science concepts. 

This program will introduce vitally important skills such as object-oriented programming and foundational computer science principles. A generous amount of time will be dedicated to C++, which is considering one of the most important languages in the computer science world. 

This program requires a $50 materials feel, because students will take home their physical models. This will allow and encourage additional computer programming exploration! 

Date: July 6 – 10
Gann / Bentley – Waltham, MA

Chris Kim

Chris Kim will graduate from Brown University in May 2020 with a degree in Computer Science, having primarily focused on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Chris is currently the Chief Strategy Officer for Code for Tomorrow, a STEM program for teens which has performed to rave reviews. Upon graduation, Chris will join a strategic consultancy firm before matriculating into Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School. 

Student Comments

“Don’t be shy just because you’ve never coded before.”

“You’re here for your own personal development – gain that educational enrichment.”

“If you need help, ask as many questions as you need!”


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