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Interested in solving who-done-its? Love reading about detectives? Can’t get enough of crime-solvers on TV? Want to try your hand at fingerprinting, analysis of fibers and hairs, and casting models? Crime Lab activities draw from a variety of scientific disciplines and teach lab skills, and shhhh… kids don’t realize how much they’re learning. Perfect for kids who have outgrown kiddie camps, but still want a fast-paced variety of activities. 


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August 7- 11, 2023 | Olin/Wellesley, MA 

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Teaching Team: Dr. Rich Fox

Dr. Fox received forensic training at some of the finest scientific facilities in the country including; the Human Genome Project, The Human Remains I.D Lab, Oak Ridge National Labs, and The McCrone School of Microscopy. He has assisted with identification of remains from mass graves in Bosnia Herzegovina as part of a United Nations team. Fox is a member of the International Association for Forensic Identification. He has been selected for the Society for Science and the Public Fellows Program. Mr. Fox’s teaching assignments have included secondary schools in Las Vegas and Boston, the Johns Hopkins Center for Gifted Youth, and Tufts University. Rich was a 2012 Honoree of the Massachusetts Society for Biomedical Research.

Teacher Rich Fox sets up a mock crime scene in the Forensic Science three-week summer science program


Once evidence has been identified and collected, learn how it is securely physically preserved if called in as evidence. 

Become informed at what to focus on when trying to solve a mystery. Finger prints and DNA are very important when solving a crime, therefore learning how to examine them is very important. 

Ever watch CSI? Play the part of a scene investigator by learning the ins and outs of handling evidence. 

Become informed on different ways in which experts determine what makes up a crime scene as well as how it is preserved. 

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