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Criminal Minds

One-Week Summer Science Program

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Ever wonder what is behind the mind of a criminal? Dive deeply into the pathology of a serial killer, the motive of a stalker, or the face of a domestic terrorist. 

In this class students will not only learn about the different mental illness often found in criminals but what to look for in a crime scene to help catch the perp. 

This course is the perfect blend of psychology and forensics. Why do criminals do what they do and how does it help us find them and prosecute? What does it mean when a criminal knows his victim or not and how does that portray itself in a crime scene? 

Exciting career opportunities await students entering this special blend of forensic psychology!

*Please be warned that this program contains content on violent crime that some students may find disturbing.* 



Going… Going…


June 26 – 30 | Gann/Bentley, Waltham

August 7 – 11 | Olin/Wellesley, MA

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S1 Instructor: Dr. Dennis Kinney

Dr. Kinney received his Ph.D. in Psychology from Harvard University. He was the Senior Research Director at McLean Hospital, the top psychiatric hospital in the country. He also has consulting experience for the Psychiatric Department of Boston Children’s Hospital. Currently, Dr. Kinney teaches Psychology at UMass, where he was awarded the Teaching Excellence Award in 2018.

S2 Instructor: Ms. Sarah Swanson

Ms. Swanson is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Massachusetts, conducting extensive research. She also currently works as a Mental Health Therapist for students attending Rhode Island College. Before moving to the Boston Area, Ms. Swanson earned both her Bachelor’s and Master’s from Gonzaga University, where she played Division I Soccer. 

Student Comments for One-Week Forensics and Psychology Classes- Summer 2021


‘I thought the course was very interesting. There were a lot of class discussions which I thought were helpful to understand different perspectives. Both teachers that taught this course were great.’

‘I think I liked all of the activities we got to do. It was very engaging and [the teacher] was super nice and funny’

I enjoyed the hands on explanation of each procedure. I also liked how my teacher applied what we learned in his career’

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