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One-Week Summer Engineering Program

BioSTEM Award, 2018, J&J • Top Summer Science Program, 2011-2019, NY Times/ • Top Robotics Program, 2017, RoboLoco • Best Medicine Program, 2018, ParentMap • Top Biomedical Engineering, •
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Are you interested in the latest, cutting-edge technology, a Marques Brownlee fanatic, or someone who wants to work in the tech field? This program is for you! In Design & Engineering you will learn both the technical side of engineering as well as the design aspects. Want to know how the brand new Samsung Fold works, better yet, learn how to design the next must-have product, then there’s no better place to start than here!

Perfect program for those thinking about engineering school and those who wouldn’t necessarily take a traditional engineering program.

This one-week summer program is designed for teens interested in design & engineering.

Interested in our three-week programs? Take a look at Engineering Research or Electronics & Robotics.

Students do Arduino robotics work in the Engineering Research three-week program

New Program for Summer 2019

Date: July 29th – August 2nd
Dana Hall – Wellesley, MA

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Design & Engineering students may explore materials that can be used in athletic wear that protect against rips, tears, that wick moisture. They may use 3D printers to create trendy athletic or camping gear, new heels for shoes, and much more. They may develop sensors that can be manipulated into clothing for biofeedback. Students will explore metals, textiles, and plastics to create that perfect look or function.

Glen Gurner

Glen Gurner earned his Bachelors and Master of Fine Arts degrees from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Following six years as a college instructor, Glen became a computer-aided design, or CAD, high school teacher while also running his own design and project management company. Since 2011, Glen has taught Engineering and Design at Brookline High School, which consistently ranks in the top five public high schools in Massachusetts.

Glen Gurner

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