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One-Week Summer Business Program

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Why are housing prices spiraling out of control? Would raising interest rates help or hurt this crisis? What are the market forces driving the Great Resignation? Why are people quitting their jobs in record numbers? Wage hikes may help – but will they trigger inflation? Why are used cars selling for more than they cost last year when they were new? Faced empty shelves at the grocery store or pharmacy lately? Welcome to supply chain problems.

On the other hand, do you want to hear something exciting?

Simply majoring in Economics will add an average of $22,000 in earnings to the yearly salary of someone in their mid-twenties.

Professor Jerry Porter explains the history of the stock market in the Finance three-week summer business program

**NEW** for 2022!

July 18th – August 5th, 2022 | Longwood Medical Area

Students pose from the Finance one-week program

Maybe you’ve heard that Actuaries make the big bucks? Well, you’re not wrong, and with a degree in Economics you can pursue a career in Actuarial Science. This is perfect for those who are interested in applying advanced mathematics and statistics to economics, predicting the likelihood of business failures or catastrophic events for insurance purposes. The MEDIAN income for an Actuary is over $100,000. Do well and you’ll easily make over $200,000.

More high paying jobs for Economics majors include:

Financial Manager: Median income $134,000

Compensation and Benefits Manager: Median income $122,000

Personal Financial Advisor: Median income $90,000

Additionally, in 2020, the highest top 10% of earners in securities, commodities, and financial service agent positions made over $200,000 – all positions often filled by Economics majors. 

This highly request program will dive into both Microeconomics, the study of individual decisions, and Macroeconomics, the study of the economy as a whole. Looking for a lucrative path forward? Look no further! 

Student Comments – 2021 Business Programs

“The teachers provided me with advice on financial careers and so on. The course was interactive and helpful at the same time.”

“The teacher is brilliant. His class is really fun and he explains the concepts clearly.”

“I like gaining so  much knowledge about finance. In addition, the teacher provided a lot of real world examples and models to help us better understand the concepts.”

Student visits a stock trading room in the Investment Banking one-week summer program

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