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One-Week Summer Programs

Students do a chemical experiment in the Chemistry Edge one-week program

Chemistry can be among the most challenging requirements for college-bound students. But these courses don’t have to be difficult!  Our one week intensive courses are designed to give students who are in, or entering high school, an edge in their chemistry courses. The curriculum is designed to equip kids with crucial skills and strategies, helping them to avoid the pitfalls that so many run into. The goal is to propel students to success. Learn More

Students go on a field trip and view a plane in the Physics Edge one-week program

Traditionally one of the most difficult high school science courses, this program will make learning the subject of physics more accessible and give you the edge to master your high school Physics class. Some of the most challenging concepts will be previewed in lectures and principles will be illustrated in experiments. Great for students looking for that edge to help them excel in their fall Physics courses. Learn More

Students do an experiment in the Biology Edge one-week summer program

High school Biology can be overwhelming to many students. The extent of the subject matter can be vast, and students have yet to see many of these topics before. Biology covers qualitative and quantitative observation, cell functions, perpetuation of species, genetics and chromosomal inheritance, DNA and RNA functions, taxonomy, organism classification, and more. Learn More

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