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Three-Week Summer Engineering Programs

This program was named “Top Engineering Program” in the US

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This program employs principles of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science while students design and assemble robotic vehicles and machines. Students will write computer code to operate their creations. These creations must pass challenges, react to sound, retrieve objects, or complete a similar assigned task. Norman Wittels, who teaches at the prestigious Dexter Southfield School, holds a BS, SM, EE, and PhD from MIT. Students visited the MIT Edgerton Center in 2019, and we plan to return in 2020.

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This is a competitive admissions summer research program designed for teens.

Students build a robot in the Electronics and Robotics three-week program

This Program Sold Out Last Summer

Date: June 22nd – July 10th
Bentley / Gann – Waltham, MA

Field Trips

In past years, students attending the Engineering: Electronics and Robotics summer program visited the MIT Edgerton Center. They were able to view the student-run research center and use the 3D printer and jet cutters.

Dr. Norman Wittels

Dr. Wittels received his PhD, Masters of Science, & Bachelors of Science degrees from MIT. He is the Director of STEM Initiatives at Dexter Southfield High School, one of the most prestigious private high schools in Massachusetts.

Dr. Norman Wittels
Students pose for a group photo in the Engineering: Electronics and Robotics three-week summer engineering program

Student Comments

“I liked the program because it opened the door to robotics, an intimidating field. The class/teachers were very flexible, and we had a lot of freedom to take our projects in new directions. I liked how the first week was an introduction to how things worked, the second was using the resources for a more structured goal, and the third was to apply what we learned.”

“The program was very hands-on and engaging. Dr. Norman was always there to help us when we needed it. We were encouraged to try things on our own and allowed to explore. I liked how we were given space to figure out our robots but still were offered help.”

‘I thought this class would be like school when we started but I was mistaken. The program ended up being very free with our teacher encouraging creative thinking and logical ways to execute them. I liked how the program let us set our own goals for success.’

BioSTEM Award, 2018, J&J • Top Summer Science Program, 2011-2019, NY Times/ • Top Robotics Program, 2017, RoboLoco • Best Medicine Program, 2018, ParentMap • Top Biomedical Engineering, •
Top 101 Summer Camps & Programs, • Top Biomedical Engineering, 2017,

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