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Engineering: Electronics & Robotics

Three-Week Summer Engineering Programs

This program was named Top Engineering Program in the US

This program employs principles of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science while students design and assemble robotic vehicles and machines. Students will write computer code to operate their creations, and these creations must pass challenges, react to sound, retrieve objects, or complete a similar assigned task. Norman Wittels, who teaches at the prestigious Dexter Southfield School, holds a BS, SM, EE, and PhD from MIT. Students visited he MIT Edgerton Center in 2018, and we plan to return in 2019.

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This is a competitive admissions summer research program designed for teens.

Students build a robot in the Electronics and Robotics three-week program

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Date: June 24th – July 12th
Bentley / Gann – Waltham, MA
Going, Going, Almost Gone…

Field Trips

In past years, students attending the Engineering: Electronics and Robotics summer program have visited the MIT Edgerton Center where they were able to view the student-run research center and use the 3D printer and jet cutters.

Diane Brancazio

Diane Brancazio received a B.S. with honors in Engineering from Princeton University and a Master of Science in Engineering from MIT. Her academic training is in electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, and engineering design process. Ms. Brancazio also taught Engineering over the course of four summers at an MIT program for high school students. Diane has a decade of experience working in industry as an engineer and holds five patents.  She currently works for the Edgerton Center at MIT developing STEM curriculum for the Cambridge schools. She has designed high school engineering curriculum for the MIT Museum, the Education Development Center, and Boston’s Museum of Science.

Diane Brancazio teaches the Engineering: Electronics and Robotics three-week program

BioSTEM Award, 2018, J&J • Top Summer Science Program, 2011-2019, NY Times/ • Top Robotics Program, 2017, RoboLoco • Best Medicine Program, 2018, ParentMap • Top Biomedical Engineering, •
Top 101 Summer Camps & Programs, • Top Biomedical Engineering, 2017,

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