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Three-Week Summer Engineering Program

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Thinking about a career in Engineering? Employ electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer programming in challenging hands-on projects. One team project involves using Arduino to program a sailboat designed for speed or for maneuvering around buoys on a racecourse. Engineering clubs at MIT and Olin College design and compete using these types of sailboats.  Students build the components and learn the ins and outs of soldering, wiring, and circuitry. They then bring the excitement outdoors, sailing their models on the same lake in Wellesley used by college engineering teams. Teams compete against the clock and other teams in sailboat regattas, observing and calibrating the performance of their creations from the shoreline. They conduct experimental research to improve the sailboat’s functioning.

Students also used a 3D Printer and CAD to design and create their own boat designed to complete and compete on various tasks in a pool. Other years, students have built a portable stereo speaker set with custom-designed packaging.

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July 11th – July 29th, 2022 | Gann/Bentley, Waltham

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Romaine Waite

Romaine earned his Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Experienced in AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Robotics, and Rapid Fabrication, he founded Nananke, a community-centric company that works to serve the need to create as well as promote hands-on learning.

Alligator Boat Project

‘Our program was making an alligator boat from scratch. I
enjoyed the independence and the flexibility that was provided when making the boat. I liked how the teacher guided rather than lectured’

– Student Comment, Engineering Research Summer 2017

3D Printing Projects

‘Our program was very much fun combined with learning. I was new to 3D printing and CAD and gained a lot from our teacher. The coding was a lot of fun and we got to tweak around a lot with it. The most appreciable aspect about the program was that it was flexible and we could choose how we wanted to spend our time and what we wanted.’

– Student Comment, Engineering Research Summer 2018

Sailboat Projects

‘I liked building the boats and exploring coding. I also liked the electrical aspects and soldering and building the materials. Sailing the boats on the lake was fun… We learned to collaborate and all generate ideas’

– Student Comment, Engineering Research Summer 2019

Hands On Engineering

‘I loved how hands-on the program was. I felt the combination of class time with real labs immediately following was very beneficial. I loved the teachers for their drive for the subjects they taught and their witty humor. I also enjoyed talking to them outside of the classroom setting.’

Student Comment, Engineering Research 2019

Field Trips

Students enrolled the Engineering Research summer program have gone on a multitude of field trips. They have taken a tour of the Boston University EPIC center, where they were able to use state-of-the-art 3D printing and other industrial tools. They have been on the MIT tour, where they saw advanced facilities and the next generation of top-level engineers in action. They went on the Olin College tour, where they saw the exclusive college’s cutting-edge equipment. They have sailed on the Liberty Fleet Tall Ship.

NOTE: COVID will impact field trips. We cannot guarantee any given field trip will run as in past years or at all.

Student Comments

‘The program was entertaining, engaging and offered numerous opportunities for me to learn and grow. The engineering aspects of the program were true to what I expected.’

‘Everything was great. The program included a lot of hands-on work. They expanded my knowledge of engineering greatly.’

‘The program inspired me to learn through working. The teacher is very kind and smart.’

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