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One-Week Summer Programs

Students take a boat ride through Boston Harbor in the Architecture three-week program

Taught by: Zach Cohen holds a Master of Science in Architecture Studies from MIT

Thinking of a career in Architecture or just looking for a way to combine your interests in STEM with design work? Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to learn the basics, from conception to the mechanics, with an MIT-trained and multiple award-winning architect. Students will learn the techniques involved in drafting design by hand using instrumentation before moving on to state-of-the-art computer renditions. Learn More

Students do a chemical experiment in the Intro to Biotech one-week program

Taught by: Maria Lazebnik, Professor at Bentley University

This one-week program is for students interested in understanding the process of drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Students learn Synthetic Chemistry techniques through hands-on synthesis of a simple drug molecule, its isolation, and purification. The program provides an introduction to the knowledge required for a potential career in the pharmaceutical industry. Learn More

Students do Arduino robotics work in the Engineering Research three-week program

Taught By: Glen Gurner, Engineering Teacher at Brookline High School

Are you interested in the latest, cutting-edge technology, a Marques Brownlee fanatic, or someone who wants to work in the tech field? This program is for you! In Design & Engineering you will learn both the technical side of engineering as well as the design aspects. Want to know how the brand new Samsung Fold works, better yet, learn how to design the next must-have product, then there’s no better place to start than here!
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