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Three-Week Summer Programs

Students test a small plane they built in the Applied Physics and Engineering three-week program

Taught by: Lawrence Lovett, Physics instructor at Wellesley High School

This hands-on program, designed for high school students who are preparing to take high school Physics or have already completed it, covers critical laws of flight, gravity, and motion, as well as broader topics within aeronautics and aerospace technologies. Students construct and test model airplanes while examining thrust, lift, drag, and weight under varying conditions. Learn More

Students do an experiment in the Biomedical Engineering three-week program

Taught by: Jeremiah Johnston, Holds M.S. in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University

This multiple award-winning program will cover the fundamental biological knowledge necessary to develop medical technologies and devices. We will also go over biochemistry, materials chemistry, and scientific reasoning. For example, high school students will work with DNA via extraction and transformation into bacteria, as well as practice 3D design and 3D printing. Learn More

Students build a robot in the Electronics and Robotics three-week program

Taught by: Norman Wittels, Engineering teacher at Dexter Southfield

This program employs principles of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science while students design and assemble robotic vehicles and machines. Students will write computer code to operate their creations, and these creations must pass challenges, react to sound, retrieve objects, or complete a similar assigned task. Learn More

Students remote-control boats in the Engineering Research three-week summer program

Taught by: Michael Rothko, graduated from the Boston University College of Engineering with a BS in Mechanical Engineering

Students will learn computer programming, mechanical engineering, and electronic engineering principles all while spending time outdoors. This program will focus primarily on the development of a robotic sailboat. To begin, students will learn the basics of sailing to develop knowledge of the factors they’ll need to take into consideration while creating their own boat. Learn More

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