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How do microbes damage their host cells and impair structure and function? How do they become pathogenic? Labs during this unit included sample culturing, epidemic simulations, and a mock diagnosis and treatment of infections.

You’ll be doing labs at home with your own specimens! This program is much more than lectures on Zoom.

This is THE year to participate in a program like this! Led by an MD who has also pioneered our record-breaking Pre-Med Task Force, get in on this hot topic before we sell out!

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Students pose with teacher Jeff Robin in the Biomedical and Surgical Research three-week summer program

Dr. Jeff Robin


Dr. Robin earned his Bachelors degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology before earning his MD from SUNY Upstate Medical School. After earning his Masters in Education, Jeff began teaching at top-ranked Wellesley High School. He is highly interested in how disease processes affect human physiology and how surgical procedures aim to correct these abnormal processes.

Student Comments

‘I really liked this program. Sarah was really kind and supportive and even helped me when I had questions. I hope to come back to this program next year.’

‘Our program was really good. Sarah was a great teacher. We learned a lot of interesting new techniques and went in depth with interpretation. The program was enriching and we had a lot of fun.’

‘I absolutely loved my program I learned so much. The labs were extremely unique and definitely a once in a lifetime experience! I will miss the program so much! Way cooler than school! The field trips were eye-opening and really made me realize how much I want to be a medical researcher.’

‘My program was amazing. I loved the balance of labs and classes. The information given was challenging yet engaging. The trips to the research labs were so inspirational!’

Students pose for a photo in the Biomedical Research: Contagious Disease three-week medicine program

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