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Knowledge of evidence-based therapy is instrumental in treating individuals with mental disorders. Lessons learned from these approaches may benefit students without mental disorders in their own lives as well, as they build themselves into resilient adults. 

One of the most popular and fast growing modes of therapy today is derived from ancient Asian religion. Modern mindfulness training, in its essence, teaches the individual to focus on the present and not be haunted by regret over the past or paralyzed over fear of the future. Students will be taught the tenets of mindfulness therapy and meditation and will work on achieving mindful states through the use of various techniques. 

A highly successful and widespread approach to recovering from addiction and substance abuse disorders was originally conceptualized by a man whose alcoholism had driven him to rock bottom. He developed a 12-step program that is today known as Alcoholics Anonymous. Students explore this model which has been successfully used worldwide to treat addiction.

Students will complete online programs that use cognitive behavioral therapy to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. They will design their own token economies using principles of behavior modification to reduce harmful habits or behaviors. Students will evaluate the literature on whether psychotherapy still has a role in the treatment of mental disorders or whether it is obsolete. Other modes of therapy may be reviewed as well. 

Students pose after doing research in Clinical Psychology Research three-week program

Date: July 20-24
Gann/Bentley – Waltham, MA

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