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Fall 2021 Remote Program

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Fall 2021 Remote Session – $599

October 25 – November 15, 2021

Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-10PM EST on Zoom

Students do chemical experiments in the Biotech and Pharma three-week program
Students do an experiment in the BioTech and Pharma Research three-week summer science program
Student does an experiment in the BioTech and Pharma Research three-week summer science program

What is the Pre-Med Task Force?

Task Force 2021 is an innovative remote program that weaves together research and hands-on activities, from medicine, science, engineering, and technology. The Task Force will involve students in a series of projects aimed at making a difference through innovation, research, and community service. Students will be given a unique opportunity to learn about, and help combat, one of the most challenging healthcare issues of our time. Be a part of history! Be a part of the solution.

Masks have continued to play a crucial role in the Covid pandemic.  In this program, we’ll discuss the principles behind mask wearing and how we as a society can improve upon them.  Students may design a mask for eating out, or create a Tik Tok to encourage good mask habits! 

Beyond the manifestation disease itself, scientists are turning to the origin of Covid-19.  In this program, we’ll examine various hypotheses about where Covid came from and if it’s possible for another disease to spread in the same way. 

In 2021, we’re all facing a “new normal”.  In this ever changing landscape, businesses are forced to adapt to keep up to code on health and safety standards, while maintaining an on brand experience for their customers. How would you design a business (restaurant, clothing store, gym etc.) with today’s regulations in mind? 

Beyond the physical toll the pandemic has taken on society, we’re learning more and more about the effect the pandemic is having on mental health.  What are some ways we can work together to boost people’s spirits and maintain healthy mental habits to combat the mood dampening effects of Covid-19? 

Let’s get together!  Over the past year, we’ve all experienced isolation from friends, family, and peers.  In this program, you’ll be encouraged to reignite old friendships and reach out to someone you haven’t seen in a while. 

A variety of treatments and preventions have been explored, but there’s still so much more! From traditional vaccines to booster shots, and a Covid treating nasal spray to convalescent plasma, methods of treatment and prevention are still in the works. 

Dr. Jeff Robin

Dr. Robin earned his Bachelors degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology before earning his MD from SUNY Upstate Medical School. After earning his Masters in Education, Jeff began teaching at top-ranked Wellesley High School. He is highly interested in how disease processes affect human physiology and how surgical procedures aim to correct these abnormal processes. 

Student Comments

“I loved the program! I loved how much detail and information the instructor provided, and I love how interactive the program was even though it was over Zoom! The instructor was very knowledgeable and also made it an effort to get to know us! I have no suggestions! This program was the best experience of my summer!”

“I liked the program because it was dealing with something very current, and the presentations told me a lot about the pandemic, it’s science, vaccines, contact tracing, and the history of this virus and other pandemics.”

“I liked how involved you were able to be. We had many projects to choose from, and work with. The instructor was very good. He kept the information clear, and knew answers to the questions that were asked. I do not have any suggestions, everything was great! It was a pleasure being a part of this program.”

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