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Award-Winning Summer STEM Programs for Teens

Summer 2022

We are excited to offer both in person and remote classes this summer!  Any program that is not labeled “Remote” is scheduled to run in-person this summer.  Both our day and residential programs are scheduled to run as planned.  Please email if you have questions. 


At the Boston Leadership Institute, the health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority.  We will be operating in person classes in accordance with CDC and Massachusetts state guidelines.  This includes masks, social distancing and daily health attestations.  Field trips may also be impacted due to transportation and destination availability and rules.  

Application Deadline

Our three week programs require students to fill out an application.  Applications are accepted on a rolling admissions basis. Decisions are emailed to parents and students once per week. When a program is close to selling out, an alert will be placed on its web page. There is no deadline for getting your application in. There is, however, a benefit to getting your application early if you are interested in a popular program. 

Program Hours

9:00 – 3:30

Extended day program from 3:30 – 5:00, free of charge

Program Locations

Programs are run at three different locations. Each program page specifies the program’s location.

The three locations are:

Bentley University/Gann Academy – Waltham, MA

Students attend class at the Gann Academy and dorm at Bentley University.

Dana Hall School – Wellesley, MA

Students attend class and dorm at Dana Hall, a boarding school for high school students. 

The Longwood Medical Area – Boston, MA

Students attend class and dorm at Emmanuel College. 

Remote Programs

Remote programs will be held via Zoom. We will continue to add new remote options throughout 2022. Schedules for these programs vary – please check the program web page. For all inquiries, please email To enroll, visit our Payment & Registration page under the Join Now tab and select Standard Payment & Registration. 

Age Range

Most three-week programs and all one-week programs are open to rising eighth-graders and above. Select three-week programs include a high school Biology prerequisite. If your student has not yet taken high school Biology, the list of classes that we consider to be too advanced will be listed in their acceptance letter.

If you’re interested in programs for younger middle schoolers, please email us at

Admissions Process

One-week programs do not require an application. They are open to students who perform at grade level or above.

Three-week programs are competitive admissions and require students to fill out an application. We accept students on a rolling admissions basis and review applications once per week, often on Wednesdays. Both the parent and the student will receive an email informing the family of our decision within approximately 7-10 days’ time.

How to Secure a Seat

You can secure your seat with a deposit. One-week deposits are $200. Three-week deposits are $500. Remote program seats are secured with a full payment. Before June 3rd, deposits are refundable for one week after the payment has been made. After June 3rd, deposits are refundable for 72 hours. After this, they are non-refundable. Deposits are transferable to any program of the same or greater value if the desired program has seats available.


One-week: $599

Three-week: $2200

Open-enrollment remote programs: $599

Competitive-admissions remote programs: $1200

Residential Payment

$599 per week

Includes housing, meals, weekend field trips (for three-week programs), 24/7 counselor and director accessibility, and entertainment.

Payment and Due Dates

Tuition payment is due in full by May 15, 2022. For families registering after May 15th, the payment is due two weeks after the deposit is made and not later than the program’s start date. Housing payments are due in full by June 1, 2022. 

Housing and Roommates

Typically, roommates are selected based on age. For example, freshmen will not room with seniors. Longwood students are housed in suites, and LCA and Dana Hall students are almost all in doubles. If need be, students are welcome to request a single. Students may also request to room with a friend who is attending a program at the same location. For these requests, please email 

Students with Special Dietary Needs

Vegetarian entrees are available at every meal. We may need to work with families on our own to accommodate vegan diets. We also collect information on every child’s allergies and work with campus dining staffs to ensure that every allergy is accounted for and every child has safe meals to eat.


Boston Leadership Institute offers a ground transportation package, meaning we will pick your child up from Boston Logan Airport when they arrive and bring them back after the program ends. The roundtrip price is $99, or you can select to pay half for one way. 

Arrival: Students must arrive at Logan Airport between 1pm and 6pm on the Sunday before their programs. They will meet a BLI employee at the baggage claim area. Staff cannot meet students at the arrival/departure gate. Students cannot arrive later than 6pm on the Sunday prior to programs. Parents may allow students arriving before noon to await our staff member’s arrival at noon, but BLI cannot be responsible for the students’ care before noon.

Departure: Flights must leave no earlier than 7am on the final Saturday of the program. The last transportation service will be departing at 10 am. Students will depart in groups and will be dropped off at the airport, and are responsible for independently getting to the departure gate. 

Please keep in mind that Logan is a major airport and there is considerable distance from security check-points to some of the flight gates.  Moreover, our programs are around 35-45 minutes from the airport even with good traffic and no construction or weather delays. Hence, a 6am flight might mean leaving our program at 4am and waking at 3:30 am. The limousine company imposes a surcharge for early morning flights and we may be unable to arrange groups that early in the morning.

International Students

BLI welcomes international students every year. Please email for VISA information. 

Residential Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop off: Sunday before the program begins between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

Pick up: Saturday after the program ends before 10:00 am. Parents may also pick students up after 4:00 on the Friday the program ends.

Day Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Day students should be dropped off or arrive to campus at 8:45 am each day, unless an earlier field trip has been scheduled. Pick up is at 3:30. As mentioned above, we offer a free extended day program from 3:30-5:00 for students whose parents can’t arrive by 3:30 or whose public transportation leaves later.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

As mentioned above, before June 3rd, deposits are fully refundable for one week after they are made. After June 3rd, they are refundable for 72 hours after they are made. After June 3rd, deposits are non-refundable.

Tuition refunds, not including the deposit, are available in full before May 15th. You may request a refund regardless of when you made the payment. After May 15th, we cannot guarantee a full refund of your tuition payment. In the case of illness or injury, partial refunds may be considered on a case by case basis.

All refund requests must be made in writing to If you call and speak to someone, we will still require you to send an email, as well.

Payment Terms & Conditions

By placing a payment, you agree to the following: Your seat is not saved until you have submitted your deposit, even if you have registered. Three-week students must have already applied and received an acceptance letter with their acceptance code to pay and register. One-week programs are not competitive admissions, thus one-week students do not need to apply and receive an acceptance code to pay and register. We reserve the right to deny admission to students who are deemed a danger to themselves or others, or who have behavioral problems that would pose a danger to property. Students must be intellectually capable of handling middle to high school level work without individual assistance. Alcohol use or possession, cigarette smoking, illegal drug possession and use, sexual misconduct, and other behaviors generally forbidden in the public schools are likewise forbidden in our program. Students may be dismissed from the program without a refund for these violations. We cannot guarantee teachers. If a particular teacher cannot teach, we will seek another qualified teacher but students will not be issued refunds. If a class does not fill due to low enrollment, we reserve the right to cancel the class and return deposits/payments in full. Deposits placed before June 3rd are fully refundable for 7 days. After 7 days, they are non-refundable. Deposits placed after June 3rd are refundable for 72 hours. After 72 hours, they are non-refundable. All requests must be made to the Board of Directors, who take 30 days to review. Deposits are also transferable to any program of the same length if the desired program has seats available. Tuition payment is due in full by May 15, 2022. For families registering after May 15th, payment is due two weeks after the deposit is placed and not later than the program’s start date. Walking and hiking is involved in all programs. Students may walk an hour or more a day, particularly on field trip days. Further information, disclaimers, and policies are contained on our registration materials. All deposits are fully refundable for 7 days after they are received. After 7 days, deposits are not refundable. Within the 7 day period, notice of cancellation must be sent via email to: and must be approved by the Boston Leadership Institute. Deposits may be transferred to other BLI programs for which your student is eligible as long as the program is open. In no event may a three-week deposit be transferred to a one week program. 30 business days may be needed to process refund requests. If multiple deposits are placed and one or more of them are subsequently cancelled, the deposits placed cannot be used to cover the tuition for another program after cancellation. As with all cancellations, deposit payments are refundable for 7 days. After this, they are non-refundable. Families will be sent a certificate with the equivalent of the tuition payment to apply to a program the following summer.


We offer selective scholarships to a very limited number of rising seniors whose families bring in a combined $60,000 or less per year. You can find the application here.

Cost-Cutting Ideas

Some out of state families will join their children in Boston for the duration of the program and have their student stay with them rather than on campus. Boston has an abundance of Airbnb or VRBO options (no endorsement or guarantee implied). We also encourage parents who live within driving distance to make a road trip out of bringing their student to Boston – that way you can visit the city, too! You may also consider having your student stay with a loved one who lives in the area.

Still have Questions? 

Email, or call 781-431-2514. If you have questions about transferring into a different program, please email

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