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Welcome to Finance & Portfolio Management!

Do you want to make a LOT of money? A veteran Fidelity Analyst is bringing the stock market to life in this HIGHLY requested Fall program! Make short term and long term revenue projections, examine a company’s pipeline (are exciting products in the works?!), and evaluate customer loyalty. Dive into topical areas like drug development, identifying hot new products and scoping out competition. How confident do you feel in the new products on the horizon – are you willing to take a risk? Learn how to identify a healthy market, the difference between strong and weak management when evaluating a company’s worth, and how to perform a stock evaluation based on methods such as return on investment. You’ll split into groups, and each member will take a turn as the Portfolio Manager while the rest of the team act as Senior Analysts. The Analysts develop, pitch, and recommend to the Manager, and the Manager selects the stocks. At the end, the team will step back and assess if the proposed portfolio is balanced. The process will be repeated for the four different funds listed below! You’ll track your “investments” over the duration of the program, assessing progress and adjusting your portfolio.

Get ready, get set, BUY!

Sign up here! | $599 for 8 weeks | Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00 EST on Zoom | Beginning October 20th

High Tech Fund: New Gadgets for 2020

What’s on your wishlist? Wireless earbuds? A mini photo printer for your smart phone? A backpack that glows with your own digital pix? Buy what you know” is an old stock market adage. Who better to know all about the newest and hottest high tech gadgets than you, our own STEM savvy teen! Scour “Best of 2020” articles, peruse Amazon bestseller lists, and poll your friends to ID hot new products. Research the companies behind the products and make revenue projections based on how well you expect these products to do in the future. Are the business fundamentals solid, or do they just have an ace tech team? Do they have a good marketing team in place? What’s the competition like? Once you have your favorites picked, make a case to your investment team to add them to your portfolio. Steer your team away from the ones you think are overpriced, overhyped, or lacking “legs” past the next week.

Save the Planet Fund: Operation Plastic Consumer Products

Did you know that almost half of the world’s plastic generated from 1950 to 2015 was made in the last 13 years?! Only a small portion is recycled. Plastic is notoriously difficult to break down. Plastic is exploding in our landfills and killing animals in our oceans. Take steps to fight plastic pollution and start and start on your way to making money at the same time! Write up review articles of clever new products such as a reusable sandwich wraps, biodegradable waste bags to use when walking your pooch, and coffee bags that you steep (goodbye zillions of Keurig cups). Bring compostable knives and spoons in your lunch and ditch the plasticware. No need to use plastic straws when you have your own stainless steel set with mini scrubbing brushes. You can post your review articles to our webpage to drum up users and help save the planet. Then pitch the companies behind these products to your investment group. Is there a market? What is its earning potential? Analysts’ top picks will constitute your portfolio. Track what happens. 

Medical Products Fund: Pandemic Related

This Medical Products Fund is SO 2020. What companies have vaccines for COVID on the horizon? What is the cost outlay? The chance they will achieve success? How much do they stand to make if successful? What about drug candidates? Is Remdesivir effective? What drugs hold potential? Who has received government grants to develop new pharmaceutical candidates? What is the normal procedure and time frame to bring the candidates to market? Turning to PPE, what US companies manufacture gown, face shields, N95 masks, etc.? What has the increased demands done to profits?  Will increased demand continue? What happened to demand when other countries commandeered their own locally-manufactured PPE? Where is all that hand sanitizer coming from? Who’s benefiting? Will increased demand outlive the pandemic? What medical product stocks do you see benefitting the MOST from the pandemic? Which are the best buy for right now—and which ones have already seen pandemic-related bonanzas built into their price? You be the analyst!

Travel & Leisure: Pandemic Related Fund

“Buy low, sell high” is one of the oldest pieces of stock market investing advice. Markets are driven by fear and green. Which companies’ stock has been oversold or over-devalued due to pandemic fears? You might even see growth opportunities in companies pivoting to adjust to this new pandemic world. Aeromexica, Nok Air, and Flybe are local airlines that have declared bankruptcy. What do you prognosticate for American companies? Will roundtrip airfares barely more than the price of of a few pizzas lure travellers back? Gold’s Gym is in bankruptcy and so is Boston Sports Club. What is their exposure to lawsuits if someone catched COVID at their facility? Hertz is in bankruptcy. Heavy dependency on executives renting high-end cars from the airport has clearly not been a plus. Turning to hotel chains, AirBnB, and HomeAway – are vacationers more or less likely to visit hotels or rent private homes during the pandemic? If they stay close to home for vacations, what companies win and who loses out? How much of revenue declines are a result of government prohibitions and how much is due to reduced consumer demand?

Jerry Porter

Jerry Porter earned his MBA from Babson College, the top Entrepreneurship school in the country for 21 years running. He went on to join Fidelity Investments, where his skill set lent itself to several roles. During his tenure, Jerry was an institutional block trader, manager, trainer, and company spokesperson. Following his time at Fidelity, Jerry became a full-time lecturer in Economics at Northeastern University and a part-time lecturer at Babson College. He is also a successful public speaker, focusing on current economic issues and institutional trading.

Student Comments

Students pose in front of a whiteboard in the Investment Banking one-week summer business program

“I really love the program. I learned a lot from my teachers. The teachers both provided me with advice on financial careers and so on. The course was interactive and helpful at the same time.”

“I liked the many competitions that we had. The activities that we did were really teaching us a lot.”

“This program helped me to think like a businessperson and learn how a start-up can thrive. It was interesting to learn about start-ups in Boston, specifically.”

Students pose in front of a whiteboard in the Investment Banking one-week summer business program

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