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One-Week Summer Business Program

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Money laundering. Tax evasion. Scamming. Fraud. How are people able to steal millions upon millions of dollars? What evidence and documents do investigators look at to catch these types of criminals? This program will take a deep dive into white collar crimes and some of the most notorious Wall Street villains such as Bernie Madoff and Jordan Belfort. Students will explore how they were able to get away with committing financial crimes for as long as they did and how they finally got caught. 

If you find yourself fascinated by financial crime and enjoy watching TV shows such as “American Greed” and “Dirty Money”, this is the perfect program for you. You may dream of a future career in the field as a lawyer, accountant, FBI agent or financial investigator. In this program, you’ll learn the basics of accounting including topics such as balance sheets, accounts payable, cash flow, revenue, and equity. Then, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test as you explore case studies and examine financial documents to gather evidence against a financial criminal. 

Once your evidence is gathered, it’s time to take it to trial. You’ll soon learn, many of the most famous cases of white collar crime have spurred legislative acts. You will also learn about major laws enacted as a result of financial crises. As your final project in this program, you’ll get to practice your public speaking and persuasive arguing skills during a mock trial. You will be divided into groups including a jury, defense attorney, witnesses, etc. where your financial evidence will be put to the test.

This program is perfect for students with an interest in law, forensics, business, and math. Don’t wait, sign up now before it’s too late!


July 10th – July 14th, 2023 | Gann/Bentley, Waltham

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Do you recognize any of these documentaries, movies, and TV series? In this program, you will explore actual case studies that have inspired some of the most popular movies and series. Excerpts and clips from real-life documentaries and docudramas will be used to illustrate Ponzi schemes, money laundering, identity theft, use of forgery, falsified performance records, and so on. You will be so fascinated by these stories, you won’t even realize how much you’ll learn about accounting, auditing, and legal investigations.


Student Comments for Past Business Programs

“I really love the program. I learned a lot from my teachers. The teachers both provided me with advice on financial careers and so on. The course was interactive and helpful at the same time.”

“I liked the many competitions that we had. The activities that we did were really teaching us a lot.”

“This program helped me to think like a businessperson and learn how a start-up can thrive. It was interesting to learn about start-ups in Boston, specifically.”

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