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Forensics: True Crime

One-Week Summer Science Program 2024

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Forensics meets law in this NEW take on one of our most popular programs!
Do mysteries excite you?  Do you dream of being a federal judge, prosecutor, defense attorney or expert witness? Do you dive into crime scene shows such as CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS, and Law & Order or podcasts like Serial, Criminal and Someone Knows Something?  Go behind the scenes and learn what happens during a murder investigation and the trial that follows.

 This program is designed for students all over the world interested in the scientific approach to crime scenes.  Utilizing a real life (local!) murder case, this program will introduce the principles of forensic science and will provide the opportunity to explore lab techniques, fingerprint methods and more!

This program has included: 

  • An Interactive Virtual Crime Scene Murder Case:
    • Additionally, students will also have the opportunity to access an interactive virtual crime scene murder of an actual 19th century murder case. Other lab activities include analyzing evidence, recording data and utilizing a combination of scientific approaches and the most advanced online tools available to investigate.
  •  Analysis of Simulated Poisons
    • Students access a graphic novel from Deborah Blume’s best selling novel, The Poisoners Hand Book and complete both virtual and hands on activities that involve analyzing simulated poisons. Further information on this activity can be seen here in a WGBH video featuring the course’s instructor Dr. Fox:  

July 22 – 26, 2024 | Gann/Bentley

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Students visit the scene of the crime and collect evidence from this true crime story. Using clues discovered at the scene of the crime, students analyze the crime and present the collected evidence to their peers.

Get a first hand look at what it takes to examine a crime scene, solve the mystery and argue the case!  

Teaching Team: Dr. Rich Fox

Dr. Fox received forensic training at some of the finest scientific facilities in the country including; the Human Genome Project, The Human Remains I.D Lab, Oak Ridge National Labs, and The McCrone School of Microscopy. He has assisted with identification of remains from mass graves in Bosnia Herzegovina as part of a United Nations team. Fox is a member of the International Association for Forensic Identification. He has been selected for the Society for Science and the Public Fellows Program. Mr. Fox’s teaching assignments have included secondary schools in Las Vegas and Boston, the Johns Hopkins Center for Gifted Youth, and Tufts University. Rich was a 2012 Honoree of the Massachusetts Society for Biomedical Research.

Teacher Rich Fox sets up a mock crime scene in the Forensic Science three-week summer science program

Student Comments from Summer 2023

‘I liked doing the finger dusting, and watching the forensic files. I learned a lot in just one week, thanks to Fox. We did a lot of blood splatter, fingerprints, hair, and DNA stuff this week.’

‘I loved the enthusiasm of the teachers and how dynamic all the classes were. I learned a lot about forensics and how to solve a crime. I liked that I will have lots of memories all over my room such as my fingerprints and the finger we did in lab class. I learned a lot about the blood and fingerprints but for me the best thing was the forensic crime videos cause there were some interesting cases and really scary.’

‘I liked all of the hands-on work and facial reconstruction. There was good teaching and a balance of lecture and application. I liked the flexibility in what we learned, so everything was stuff we wanted to do.’

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Note: this page represents our best expectations for the program we will deliver, but is subject to change. We will update this page as new information becomes available

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