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One-Week Summer Science Program

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With TV shows like CSI and Bones being so popular, Forensics has become an important and exciting discipline in science. This is a chance for students to delve into a subject they don’t see in school! Perfect  for those who are interested in Anatomy and Biology, no other course combines these topics as well as Forensics.

Last year, students studied fingerprinting and used their newfound knowledge to track down a culprit via the prints he left. They learned about anatomical indicators in bone structure, tissues, and teeth, even making molds of their own fingers and footprints. We like to include a lesson in facial reconstruction software, as well, which is oftentimes used to identify a victim.

This one-week summer program is designed for teens interested in crime scene investigation (CSI) or a pre-law / legal career.

Students do an experiment in the Forensics three-week program

This Program Sold Out Last Summer

Session 1: TBD (2020)
Dana Hall – Wellesley, MA

Session 3: TBD (2020)
Bentley / Gann – Waltham, MA

Session 2: TBD (2020)
Bentley / Gann – Waltham, MA

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Rich Fox

Dr. Fox received forensic training at some of the finest scientific facilities in the country including; the Human Genome Project, The Human Remains I.D Lab, Oak Ridge National Labs, and The McCrone School of Microscopy. He has assisted with identification of remains from mass graves in Bosnia Herzegovina as part of a United Nations team. Fox is a member of the International Association for Forensic Identification. He has been selected for the Society for Science and the Public Fellows Program. Mr. Fox’s teaching assignments have included secondary schools in Las Vegas and Boston, the Johns Hopkins Center for Gifted Youth, and Tufts University. Rich was a 2012 Honoree of the Massachusetts Society for Biomedical Research.

Teacher Rich Fox sets up a mock crime scene in the Forensic Science three-week summer science program
Josh Isaacs teaches the Forensics one-week program

Joshua Issacs

Joshua Isaacs is an experienced science instructor holding a B.S. degree from the top-tier Johns Hopkins University. He worked as a corps member of Teach for America, teaching children in poverty and helping them capitalize on their potential to achieve, pushing for educational equity to give underprivileged students a chance to excel. Mr. Isaacs was a teacher for the NYC Department of Education, and is well-versed in the field of pharmaceuticals with his work at Formatech. He has taught at a number of prestigious private schools, and was the K-12 Science Department Chair at one of them, coordinating classes and organizing curriculum.  He taught Forensics before joining the faculty at Dexter Southfield School, where he instructs a wide variety of scientific subjects.

Student Comments

I liked that we did a lot of experiments and hands-on activities. I found the blood spatter experiment very cool and liked how we were taught real-life forensic science techniques. The teacher was engaging and nice.’

‘The program was very hands-on which I enjoyed most. We got insight into real cases and really got to understand how forensics science works.’

I really enjoyed learning about crime scenes and CSI work. Our teacher Josh made learning fun and really improved my understanding of forensics.’

‘The program explored many aspects of Forensic Science, including footprints, fingerprints, blood spatter, and entomology. I liked Dr. Fox’s teaching style… I loved the tour of the crime lab in Boston.’

Students examine a mock crime scene in the Forensic Science three-week summer science program

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