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Where did the Solar System come from? Where did life come from? How does the Solar System work? How does the Sun influence planets and planetary systems? How do planetary systems evolve? These sorts of questions are some of the most profound we can ask. It is also important to study many planetary systems as they tell us more about our own planet Earth and help us understand effects such as space, weather and climate change.

In Future Martians, students will take on the role of a planetary scientist and use different techniques to try to answer these questions such as:

– Use telescopes to make observations of distant planets, moons, etc.

– Research the geography and atmosphere of Mars 

– Design and build a Martian laboratory to replicate how they would survive on Mars  

– Carry out experiments in a lab


July 25th – 29th, 2022 | Lexington Christian Academy

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Can humanity live on Mars?

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