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Genetics & Illness

One-Week Summer Science Program

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Can you inherit schizophrenia? If one identical twin is diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disorder, will the other develop the condition as well? This fast-moving one-week program provides an engaging introduction into the genetic factors underlying physical and mental illness.

Did you know that there is an heritable form of Down Syndrome? Have you ever heard of Fragile X syndrome? Do you know about Prader Willi syndrome, a very rare genetic illness that causes people to eat themselves to death? Or do you remember when Angelina Jolie underwent a preventive double mastectomy because she inherited the dangerous BRCA 1 gene? The course instructor holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University.

Students do genetic testing in the Genetics and Illness one-week summer science program

New Program for Summer 2019

Date: June 24th – June 28th
Bentley / Gann – Waltham, MA

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