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Jason Isaacs teaches the Geometry Edge one-week program

Jason Isaacs

Mr. Isaacs is a currently a math teacher at Needham High School where he teaches Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. He received his BA in Secondary Education and Mathematics from Boston College. As an undergrad, he worked as a residential assistant (RA), was a part of BC’s Emerging Leaders Program, and was the Chair of the BC Elections Committee. Mr. Isaacs continued his graduate education at BC to complete his M.Ed. in Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation. He has extensive teaching experience teaching at Milton High School, Boston University Upward Bound, and as a private tutor. Mr. Isaacs also serves on the Board of Directors for Needham High School’s Steps Up program, which is designed to develop the one-on-one relationships between teachers and students. He is also an assistant coach for Needham’s track and field team.

Student Comments

“Mr. Isaacs was a great teacher who was open to questions at all times, and he always explained things clearly. He was also focused on making the classroom a place where everyone feels comfortable learning and sharing their ideas.”

“This course helped me a lot and is going to help me during freshman year of high school. I liked how much we covered in just 5 days. I also enjoyed having Mr. Isaacs as a teacher because he is funny and helpful.”

“I feel like I learned a lot and this will help me get a head start next year.”
Students pose in the Geometry Edge one-week summer edge program

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