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med school 101: grand rounds

Remote Medical Program

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You’ve probably seen it on a medical show! Grand Rounds – a big name for an important presentation. Grand Rounds are often employed in teaching hospitals and involve real-life cases being presented to a group of doctors and doctors-in-training. The presenter paints a picture of a patient’s symptoms, conditions, and treatments, and the audience can provide commentary and ask questions. Oftentimes the patient is even present!

If you envision yourself in medical school one day, this is the perfect class for you. Explore fascinating cases, question the “presenter,” become a mock patient to see a case from every perspective. A challenging and rewarding program is waiting for you this fall! Best of all? You don’t even need to leave your home.

November 29 – December 22

Tuesdays & Thursdays

7:30-9:90 pm EST on Zoom

(Days of the week or times might change slightly while we finalize the teaching team, but it will fall within this timeframe!)

Come join us remotely this fall!
There's SO much to do virtually. Case studies, hands-on activities from home, and more!

What types of activities will you do?

– Present a patient and their case to the class and ask for diagnoses.
– Participate in the audience, asking intelligent questions and providing observations on patient care and treatment.
– Become a mock patient, describing symptoms to the group.
– Explore rotations such as Neuro, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, and more!


Teaching Team

We’re recruiting some of our past teachers to lead this program! It will likely be led by a team of medical students. Stay tuned to hear about the final lineup! 

Student Comments for BLI Pre-Med Programs

‘I liked how the teachers were current medical students, because they were able to give recent and relevant insight on the path to becoming a doctor. I always felt like I belonged. The teachers were enthusiastic and charismatic every day.’

‘I liked how we got to do a lot of hands-on activities. The teachers also really listened to what we wanted to do. I thought the program was really enjoyable and I looked forward to coming every day.’

‘This program was so interactive and lots of fun, much more than I expected. Going into the program I was very nervous that it would be just like school, but it was much more enjoyable.’

‘I really loved this program and it made me realize that I want to be a doctor.’

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