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The Longwood Medical Area, in the heart of Boston, is the proud home of Harvard Medical School, Boston Children’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Joslin Diabetes Center, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Heath Sciences, and much more. Each day, more than 57,000 researchers and physicians and 29,000 students are practicing and providing healthcare at the highest possible levels.

Longwood students are steps away from Harvard Medical School and Boston Latin School, the oldest public school in the United States. Inside the Simmons College campus, where BLI utilizes the state-of-the-art science labs and pristine classrooms, students have access to the picturesque green, outdoor patio, and the wildly popular Common Grounds Café. For lunch, which is provided by BLI, students enjoy a daily buffet of refreshments served by the Simmons College dining staff. Students can choose from a wide variety of rotating entrees, as well as from the pizza station, “The Fenway Grill,” the wrap and sandwich station, and the bakery.

The spacious and enclosed campus allows students to enjoy a relaxing hour-long lunch break each day. Students bond while lounging on the grass, playing lawn games, or enjoying ice cream outside in the sun. Teachers will also utilize the open area when experiments or lessons can be done outside – our Sports Statistics classes are known to set up baseball games in the center of the quad!

Our Longwood campus is ideal for students who use public transportation or parents who would rather drop them off in the morning. The E train goes directly to The Museum of Fine Arts stop, which is right up the street from our campus. Additionally, if a student can be dropped at South Station in the morning, our campus is a quick bus ride away. Parents who prefer to drop students off in the morning will find that Simmons College is easily accessible via car with plenty of street parking that will not disrupt traffic. It’s one of the simplest locations to drive to in Boston!


When classes end at 3:30 pm, students may head home or stay for our extended day program until 5:00 pm at no extra charge. Students can participate in organized, counselor-led outdoor activities such corn hole, volleyball, or movies on a rainy day. This allows day students the opportunity to bond with classmates, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, and discuss the day’s lessons and labs.

Simmons dorms are newly updated and air-conditioned facilities with WiFi, lounges outfitted with flat-screen televisions, multiple refrigerators, a kitchen to prepare extra treats, and counselors who live in the building and are available at all hours. Counselors take attendance and walk their students to class every morning, making sure each student is accounted for with plenty of time to head to class. From 7:00-8:30, students can enjoy breakfast in the residential dining facility, Bartol Hall, where they enjoy a hot buffet of breakfast food such as eggs, pancakes, French toast, and hash browns, plus a coffee station, a fruit bar, a bakery, and more!

Students return to the residential campus after classes, once again chaperoned by counselors who have accounted for every student. Between 5:00 and 6:30, students head to Bartol Dining Hall, where they have their choice of delicious hot entrees such as tacos, pasta and meatballs, or chicken parmesan, an everyday grill with hamburgers, hotdogs, French fries and grilled cheese, a health and wellness station with a variety of vegetables and vegetarian options, a soup station, a pizza station, and a bakery.

The residential campus includes Alumna Hall, a spacious ballroom where students enjoy movie nights, game nights, parties, and talent shows! In the center of campus is a relaxing courtyard where students spend much of their time lounging in comfortable seating, playing volleyball, or taking part in marathon whiffle ball tournaments. Students love the multi-million dollar Holmes Sports Center, an award-winning facility with an indoor swimming pool, a running track, a fitness center, and a basketball court. The Holmes Center is only steps away from the dorms.

Students have a group hug at the Simmons University dorms

The Longwood Medical Area is located directly next to the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood of Boston, and students explore the area during chaperoned excursions after class and on weekends. Past students have enjoyed Mark Wahlberg’s restaurant, Wahlburgers, visited the Museum of Fine Arts, toured Boston’s famous Jersey Street, and much more. There are also countless international restaurants, a movie theater within walking distance, and the Back Bay Fens, Boston’s largest park where the students play basketball, soccer, or run on the track. And let’s not forget – Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, is right there!

Longwood students stay in standard college dorms with a shared bath for the hallway. Floors are separated by gender – girls on one floor, boys on another. Counselors, many of whom are medical students, stay on campus at all times and regularly take attendance. Each counselor is assigned a group of students for whom they are responsible. Counselors must always join students when heading off campus to run errands at Target, get ice cream, drop by the arcade, or anything similar. Every student is required to have every counselor’s phone number programmed into their phones.

There is also a director who has immediate access to students’ medical records, allergies, contact information, and parent information, and the director is the primary contact person for parents. Simmons University security is available 24/7, and the security office is directly next to our dorm. All emergency numbers are posted in the dorm’s lobby, and all counselors have the numbers programmed into their phones.

Students pose in the Simmons University dorms

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