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Marine Biology

One-Week Summer Science Program

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This one week course will provide students with foundational knowledge of the biology and ecology of marine ecosystems, with a specific focus on the methods that scientists use to study marine habitats. The program will include several field trips that will vary based on the tides and ocean conditions. Possible field trips include: Boston Harbor Islands, Northeastern University Marine Science Center, Whale Watch, Salt Marsh study, Sandy Beach study, and New England Aquarium behind the scenes tour. Students will illustrate the knowledge they’ve gained via a project completed throughout the week and present it at the end of the session.

Students conducted research on the shores of the Boston Harbor Islands. One day, for example, students measured the impact of ocean temperature and ocean acidity on the growth of seaweed and marine animals. They ventured out to survey the rocky shore of Georges Island, and documented the invasive species fouling the dock pilings. Students were fascinated by the squishy tunicates, especially when they learned how closely related we are to these simple blob-like animals.

This one-week summer program is designed for teens interested in oceanography & animal science.

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Students go to the Boston Harbor to work in an aquatic environment in the Marine Biology one-week program


June 27th – July 1st, 2022 | Dana Hall, Wellesley

July 18th – 22nd, 2022 | Dana Hall, Wellesley (NO RESIDENTIAL OPTION AVAILABLE)

July 25th – 29th, 2022 | Dana Hall, Wellesley (NO RESIDENTIAL OPTION AVAILABLE)

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Student Comments

‘He allowed room for exploration and even encourage discovery through experience. Steve was very patient and interesting to work with. 10/10.’

‘The program was fast paced and enjoyable… I enjoyed checking the tank, and learning about what being a marine biologist entails. All good things.’

‘One thing I liked about this program was that we were able to go on field trips to better understand the topic. I found it fun, interesting, and I learned a lot from them. Also, having an aquarium made it so much more easier to look at creatures but also interesting. I absolutely love marine science and I thought this program helped a lot.’

Students go on a boat ride in Boston Harbor in the Marine Biology one-week summer science program

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