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This one week course will provide students with foundational knowledge of the biology and ecology of marine ecosystems, with a specific focus on the methods that scientists use to study marine habitats! The theme this year? “Careers to Save the Planet!” Practice your water monitoring skills, raise sea monkeys, and more – all from home!

Val Perini

Val Perini is a marine scientist and educator who has led research and education programs in a variety of tropical and temperate coastal habitats for the last 11 years. From studying the relationships between snails and seaweed in coastal tidepools, to designing inclusive education programs that make science accessible to all, Val brings her passion for exploring and sharing science and nature to her diverse work. This year at BLI she is excited to lead the virtual marine biology session: “Careers to Save the Planet”. Participants will gain career awareness by chatting live with guest speakers in the marine sciences, and also build skills that will help them to become allies to our precious and fragile environment. 

Student Comments

‘He allowed room for exploration and even encourage discovery through experience. Steve was very patient and interesting to work with. 10/10.’

‘The program was fast paced and enjoyable… I enjoyed checking the tank, and learning about what being a marine biologist entails. All good things.’

‘One thing I liked about this program was that we were able to go on field trips to better understand the topic. I found it fun, interesting, and I learned a lot from them. Also, having an aquarium made it so much more easier to look at creatures but also interesting. I absolutely love marine science and I thought this program helped a lot.’

Students go on a boat ride in Boston Harbor in the Marine Biology one-week summer science program

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