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One-Week Summer Business Program

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Are you an influencer in the making? Do you want to learn how to market yourself and earn income doing so? Or are you planning to go to a top business school and pursue marketing as a future lucrative career?

In this brand new one-week business program, you’ll learn about brand identity, algorithm optimization, organic reach, and every other buzzword and strategy that can help your social media presence blow up. Try your hand at a variety of marketing techniques, such as designing a newsletter in Constant Contact, brochures or posters in Canva, and designing a brand logo in Adobe. 

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July 15 – 19, 2024 | Gann/Bentley, Waltham
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Outside of social media and self-branding, marketing is one of the highest paid subsections of business. If you’re looking towards business school, there are concepts you can learn now to get ahead and knock it out of the park in college interviews. ROI – Return on investment. SEO – Search engine optimization. CTA – Call to action. These are concepts good marketers NEED to know. Have you heard of a marketing deck? This is crucial to success, as it creates a consistent look and feel for your brand. In this program, you may create your own! By the end of this program, you’ll know them all and how to implement them so you can help your future employer earn the most money possible. 

Instructor: Malcolm Grba

Malcolm is a Master’s student and Graduate Teaching Fellow at Harvard University. Before joining Harvard, Malcolm earned his Master’s in Teaching and led an entrepreneurship and innovation course for Teach for America. He began his career in education after participating in Fulbright’s Binational Internship Program in Mexico. He worked with entrepreneurs and investors at Angel Ventures, a prominent firm in Latin America, and began his start-up, Because Ropa con Voz (Clothing with a Voice). He marketed this start-up with the mission of promoting sustainable clothing that utilizes recycled materials, empowers women entrepreneurs, promotes access to water, and supports local food access. 

Student Comments from Summer 2023

‘I enjoyed the marketing class a lot! I learned a lot of things about marketing and all of it was so much fun, thanks to my teacher.’ 

The program was very informative and the activities within the class were super engaging and fun. Professor Siebert was an amazing teacher that had a great attitude and provided great content and examples that made the project easy to understand and complete.’

‘Marketing 101 was a splendid course, that allowed myself to dive into the field of business and marketing. I like how we did a lot of activities and how the teacher is really involved.’

‘In this program, we learned about many different topics relating to marketing. We learned about different ways to advertise and how to attract the attention of the consumers. I liked that this program was very engaging when we made presentations.’

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