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Medicinal chemistry & pharma research

Three-Week Summer Science Program

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Interested in Chemistry? Some of the most popular (and lucrative!) career paths involve utilizing chemistry for medical applications: From drug discovery and development through clinical trials to determine dosage levels, bioavailability, toxicology, and chemistry is key. Universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies all offer high-paying research positions to graduates of chemistry and pharmacology programs. Chemistry is key to other careers as well. Pharmacists at drug stores, for instance, must have a deep understand of chemistry to calculate drug side effects, dosage, and interactions: chemistry is indispensable.

For prospective medical students, chemistry and its medical applications can make-or-break their dreams. Did you know that one in three students at a number of top universities start on a pre-med track, but only a fraction are admitted to medical school? College chemistry is a notorious weed-out course, with many students literally not making the grade. The MCAT is packed with chemistry questions that likewise pose a barrier to those without a firm foundation in chemistry. Let this program jump start your career!


Susan Piraino teaching students in the biotech and pharma program

**NEW** for 2022!


July 18 – August 5 | Longwood Medical Area

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Students wearing lab coats prepare for a medical experiment at Boston Leadership Institute

Students may begin with an overview of the drug discovery process and dive right into a synthesis of a common over-the-counter medication. They may examine how yield rate is affected by differing reagents and varying temperature. They may perform tests to detect concentrations of a drug agent in natural products. They may perform a multi-step synthesis to examine the lead optimization process for themselves. Students may learn to read NMR print-outs to check for impurities. They may perform studies with crystals and learn about how crystallography determines the structure and active site of chemical entities. 

Dr. Aaron Bradford

Dr. Aaron Bradford is an adjunct professor at Bentley University. He earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, and Integrative Toxicology, where his works encompassed neuroscience research, pharmacology, comparative biology, and cell biology.

Student Comments for Three-Week Biotech & Medical Programs - Summer 2021

“I liked how we learned about the industry of biotechnology and the different roles that are played there. I also liked how we observed drug discovery and the process which surrounds it.”

“‘I loved the way that this program was run. Everything was explained very well and there were a lot of interesting ways that we applied our learning!”

“Super enthusiastic teacher who was so friendly and helpful. I learned so much in these 3 weeks especially because of this amazing location and nearby medical resources.”

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